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  1. Do you have greens/blues/epics that aren't selling on the AH? Are you choosing to vendor BOE's instead of selling them on the market? If this is you, then I'd like to purchase these items off of you for a fair and reasonable price! I am interested in the following stats: "Of the Monkey" Agility + Stamina Attack Power Crit Chance Any Valuable hunter stat really. I am in need of new hunter gear and no one has anything good on the ah. If you have stuff to sell - send me a whisper to Kalipto [Horde] on Anathema! Thank you!
  2. Make an inquiry on why you were banned, I'm sure the GM's have a logical reason as top why. Patience is key here.
  3. Hello. My name is Kalipto and I am a tauren hunter on Anathema. I am currently lvl 37 but I am interested in purchasing any potential upgrades for my character. I am interested in any Green/Blue/Epic bows/guns/crossbows for my character at reasonable prices. I am most interested in bows. I would like to hopefully purchase an epic one for my character. If you have one to sell I am not interested in paying 200g for an epic, that is not reasonable for my level. I am looking for under 100g. Yes I know there are weapons on the AH for 300g+ but that does not mean that's what they go for, an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and I don't believe most epics around my level are worth close to 300g. If you are interested in selling your ranged weapon to me - Please whisper/add Kalipto on horde-Anathema please. :)
  4. kalipto

    Warden Staff and Hurricane for sale

    I am interested in purchasing Hurricane for my hunter. I will message you on here and in-game. I hope your price is reasonable!
  5. I am looking for a tailor who can craft flarecore gloves alliance side. I will tip you 25g for you to craft it. My in game name is Kalipto.
  6. I'm looking for an alliance side elemental leatherworker who can craft molten helm and molten belt. I will pay you 25g each to craft them for me. My in-game name is Kalipto.
  7. I taught my hunters pet new skills however the skills page is missing when I press "P" to bring it up. I do not have a page to drag new skills onto the bar. My pets claw disappeared also. When I put my old pet in the stables and tamed a new pet the issue occurred again. Simply put I am missing my pets skill page and I cannot fathom playing a hunger with zero skills on my pet. Please help