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  1. Tenmillion

    Bits and pieces

    For the first bit, keep with the warrior. It's a rewarding class. After level 40 they become one of the strongest classes in general. As well as being the best tanks, they are also a strong dps option, so keep going. There's tons of world pvp. The question is what kind are you looking for in terms of "strength" for your class. A classic 40v40 death match in hillsbrad? For that, melee would suffer in my opinion or the sake of being kites and slowed easily. In a 1 vs 1, it's all based on class match up really, or who gets the jump on the other person. There are pvp rewards, but they don't offer pvp specific stats that you are used to. If anything, it's a pvp oriented set bonus for each class. But there's no resilience or pvp power or whatever it is now like on retail. Lastly, there's no comparisons for current wows dungeon. These dungeons in vanilla aren't a 30 minute speed clear ride or die. Some dungeons are quick like a tribute run, and some of themy take quite a long time. Failing in the dungeons reward nothing compared to retail. You get a lesser key with a new chance of success, with a quick respawn. In vanilla it might result in failing an escort quest, paired with a 5 minute run back and rebuff.
  2. Tenmillion

    Warrior or druid tank?

    Warriors are highest rated for tanks, and require less effort for pre bis. Most of your gear is grinding dungeons or buying from question house. Druid is viable in 5 man's and 10 mans, making rend runs extremely simple if the bear is the off tank and soothes the dragonkin every time. But besides small niche uses, almost everyone prefer a warrior tank. If you qccept the role of a utility tank that gears up thru pvp grinding, and are happy with healing actual raids, then druid is fine. But if looking for meta, go warrior to tank/dps, or priest/sham to heal over druid. Personally? I'm leveling a druid as an alt toon and I love it, but not being a fan of healing, so realistically I can't expect too much end game besides pvp grinding and small groups.
  3. Tenmillion

    Level 40 gold help!

    Necros comment to say how I'm necroing to make fun. +2 And for the ridiculous amount of mages it's one of the lowest thread count forume on the server, rip.
  4. Tenmillion

    Level 40 gold help!

    Jokes on you tools I've been 60 since June :p
  5. Hey there. Your raid times 100% fit my availability, my main question would be with my rotating work schedule if I would be a fit for you guys. Typing this on a tablet for work so if you don't mind looking at my post in this forum, will have all my info laid out for you. Let me know :)
  6. Hello, I'm zapskie, a level 60 horde mage looking for a guild. I have a strong interest in upgrading my gear while having a good time. I enjoy dungeons, pvp, as well as raiding if you'll have me. Also currently leveling a druid, currently 33, for a potential off tank. Some info on me: Coming back from a 2 month break. Was almost pre bis at the time of break. 24 years old, and I work for my local 911 center. Because of my job, I have a rotating schedule every week. Obviously looking for a guild willing to accept a "casual" schedule of what you'd consider a devoted players willingness to contribute. Im north america, East coast, and I work 7pm-7am, so later scheduled events better suit me. Thanks for reading this, I'm a dedicated player when I'm on looking to help, and a cool person to hang out and chill with in game. Whether it's a fully stacked guild adding casual roster fillers or a new guild starting from the ground up, hit me up!
  7. Tenmillion

    Level 40 gold help!

    I appreciate the feedback guys. I haven't tried elemental earth farming, I'll check prices tonight and give that a go. Not a fan of killing Tigers in stv since it's a warzone there. Will definitely check out the earth elementals though
  8. Tenmillion

    Level 40 gold help!

    Really thoughtful input to this conversation. Such contributions from a veteran such as yourself goes a long way. Thank you so much! If you have any other ideas please don't let me know!
  9. Tenmillion

    Level 40 gold help!

    My tablet likes to think it knows how to spell. From selling portals I made 5g
  10. Tenmillion

    Level 40 gold help!

    Hello friends. I just hit level 40! I also am nowhere near 90g for the mount. I did tailor and enchanting while leveling, both are at level 200. Just looking for some gold farm options. I even tried selling portals, both sitting and orgrimmar, even going to Kargath last night. I ,adequate about 5g. Any advice on spots to farm where I won't get ass blasted from alliance? Low level dungeons I could grind? At 40 can I bypass the elites in smgy, to kill the ghosts? Thanks for any input, I'm at work right now trying to gather a list of ideas. Add me in game on elysium horde for all your portal needs!! -Zapskie