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    Server is stuck on "Connected"

    All the other servers (Anathema, Darrow) show as functioning. Can even get to character select on ZK.
  2. Not going to say that I haven't had my hunter pet chase down people, but a level 60 killing 10's, that's just funny for a bit. Kinda like dotting them up and watching a whole bunch fall over dead! I've done that, but not my choice for pvp. Sobreta you're right though, there is always plenty to do if you don't like getting killed repeatedly or if the quest hub is dead.
  3. I can understand relevant pvp - and expect to get killed often by roaming Horde, but the dipshits that get on the roof in Darkshire (Horde) to shoot lowbies are a sad lot. They can't even stand up to the guards? That's pretty pathetic. Or the level 60 hunter letting his pet kill lvl 10s, oh man you are impressive! I don't think I've ever been that bored in a game.
  4. Sassii

    Taming Mazzranache

    Is this still an issue? Out in Night Elf start area and at least 5x, the timer is at almost done to tame and I get a resist. Then it's try again or die. Lvl 11 and has been happening the past two days. I do pull with Concussive Shot, but still more than 60% of the time it fails.