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  1. Elysium Devs/team- You have the ability to be better than Blizz and make changes for the better of the community. You do care about PvP as displayed by reducing respec cost, and by testing out 3 man PvP caps. It is clear you want more people to PvP, and better quality PvP. The question then becomes do you believe that by waiting to upgrade the Blue PvP set that you are helping the PvP community? No action is a decision, just as much as actually changing something. Please respond with your rationale for why waiting to release the upgrade is better for the PvP community. Much like many here, I believe that releasing the upgrade blue PvP gear will provide additional incentive for more people to PvP. As it stands now the set is very low power, and generally not worth the effort. By upgrading the set now, you can have a better timing than blizzard and have the reward for ranking actually be a reward worth while. Thank you for this amazing server, I appreciate all of your hard work and effort. Any feed back from the Elysium team would be greatly appreciated.
  2. foleet

    Balance PvP - what gear to rank up with?

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm getting the sense I will need to create my own custom list for pvp balance. Too bad that list doesn't have a category for caster dps!
  3. foleet

    Holy Paladins in Leveling, Groups and Vanilla

    Ret is the fastest leveling. Ret is also very good dps in lower level dungeons, you don't start to fall behind until level 50 and up. Also you can heal any dungeon easily as ret so long as you keep a set of gear that has a high amount of intellect. I personally leveled ret until about level 40, then switched to prot for the last 20 levels. Prot was the most enjoyable (and you can tank or heal any dungeon leveling as prot if you have a separate set of gear).
  4. foleet

    Balance PvP - what gear to rank up with?

    But doesn't Pve gear care way more about hit% items? If I'm pvping I should care a lot less about hit correct? There is a serious lack of balance pre-raid bis list out there for before the ZG patch. Any specific gear suggestions would be appreciated. Especially any tailored towards pvp.
  5. Hello, I am leveling a druid with the intent of primarily PvPing as Balance. Once I hit level 60, I was wondering what gear would be best to target to help me rank up in PvP as a Balance Druid. I realize that the rank 10+ gear is probably the best for PvP, but what gear should I have before that? Please note I play on Elysium which doesn't have ZG patch yet. So think of this request as a pre-bis list, but for PvP. Thanks
  6. Saw a similar question on reddit, but it hasn't been answered yet. The context is trying to build a really strong reckoning bomb. Can someone explain what procs can build off eachother? If you have Drake Talon Cleaver with Lifesteal enchant with Seal of Righteousness, with Darkmoon Maelstrom trinket. 1. Can LS/SoR/Maelstrom proc a DTC wound? 2. Can DTC wound/SOR/LS proc a Maelstrom? 3. Can DTC wound/SOR/Maelstrom proc a LS? What if you replace SOR with Seal of Command? Which seal would be considered better in this case of making a huge reckbomb going for as many procs as you can. Thanks!
  7. foleet

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    What was the scale for spell power at before?
  8. foleet

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    Are these two updates nerfs or buffs? What was the spell power bonus at before for judgement of righteousness?
  9. Starting a fresh character on Elysium is the solution. No one says you have to delete your Anathema Character to re-roll. If you care about raiding, then you can simply "raid log" as many people are already doing to enjoy the high end content on your Anathema character. While in your other time level an Elysium Alt for more player interaction. If raiding isn't your thing, but you like 5 man content or pvp, Elysium should be an obvious choice to re roll as there are many more dungeons and pvp events happening. Starting over is demoralizing, and can feel overwhelming I know. But it pays to have the long term perspective here. Anathema is dwindling, and will continue to do so. This is natural for a mature server. If you wish to play this game for the next 6 months, 1 year, or even longer: a couple months of pain to level new, and gear up is well worth the reward of more player interaction and longevity. If you don't re-roll your future is unclear and out of your hands. In my opinion a server merge wouldn't be realistic for at least 1 year but who knows. So for the next year or so you have to play with your current circumstances, watch the server continue to dwindle, and have your playing experience get worse and worse over time, before maybe just maybe getting bailed out in the end by the merge. Don't wait for a bail out that may or may not come. Be in charge of your own destiny. Take action. Re-roll. Endure the short term pain, for the long term reward.
  10. Well if you don't care about your gear, the easy solution is to re-roll on Elysium. It takes ~ 1 month to hit 60, then you got a character that you can experience a high pop realm with. If you're not willing to level for one month, sounds like a high pop isn't a priority for you.
  11. I'm almost level 60 and I'm thinking about how to gear up in dungeons. I like the Idea of being Prot spec, due to tanking being fun, finding fast groups, and aoe farming potential. However I know that most Pallys heal in 40 man raids. If i am tanking can I roll on BIS healing gear since it will be my "raid" spec? or would the reverse be more acceptable (being a healer but rolling on plate gear?) Any tips on how you guys handle rolling need for the various Pally specs? Do you only roll for the current spec you are? Thanks
  12. foleet

    Ret Pally Hit Cap, is it really that important?

    Oh okay, makes more sense now. Thank you for clearing this up!
  13. I'm a Ret pally and have started to do some research on Hit cap. It seems at lvl 60 everyone believes you need ~+8% as a melee character so that you will never miss. However upon doing some research about Hit, it seems that there are two different Hit Caps, White damage(auto-attack), and Yellow Damage(special ability attack). Based on my reading the +8% hit cap everyone is talking about is actually only referring for the Yellow Damage/Special attacks. The Hit Cap for auto-attacks is actually much much higher (Like ~+27% from a video i saw). So my question, as a Ret Pally does getting +hit gear truly matter? We are primarily Auto-attacking, with judgments, and Seal procs. Since Ret Paladins lack melee Special attacks, and primarily Auto-attack it seems to me that it shouldn't be that important. Other classes it makes much more sense to go for hit because of all the special attacks they can do. Please let me know if I'm totally off base and wrong about this, I'm just trying to figure this out. Thanks