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  1. Hey everyone! My name is Cherise and I am doing an essay for my intercultural communication course on sexism in computer games and, more specifically, gender roles in World of Warcraft. I am trying to gather more information and opinions on this topic so I hope you can help me out :) So: I have often noticed that men in-game often think that they can recognize women in-game by their behavior and way of talking, or their class choice. For example, women are said to play more supportive roles/healing characters while men play aggressive roles. If a man wants to play a healing character, they often decide to create a female character instead of a male, because they think it "suits" better. Many think women tend to be more social, happy, bubbly, using more smileys in their speech, etc. Thus, I have noticed that when men create a female character, some of them also try to behave and act more like this, in comparison to how they would act on their male characters. So, I am very interested in your opinions about this. Do you agree with this? Do you have any other ideas or perspectives on this? * If you would create a healing character, would you rather pick a female instead of a male and why? * Does your behavior or way of talking change when you play a female character? Even if this is just a slight change. * Do you have a certain view on how women in-game behave differently compared to men? How? * When interacting with a female in game, does your behavior towards that player change in comparison to playing with another male player? I hope you guys can give me some of your ideas :) thanks!