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  1. Sobreta

    Copying Bank toons and low levels.

    Reroll on Elysium obviously! Join us. One of us.
  2. Sobreta


    Wow that's messed up. Sorry about your stuff, hopefully it'll be back in 30 days.
  3. Sobreta

    Griefer kiting stitches

  4. I don't understand why they ever had to/have to be removed at all.
  5. Sobreta

    Cant get past "Connected"

    Happening to me right now. I checked to see if I can connect to another server and I can indeed connect to Anathema. I don't have any characters there so I tried Elysium again, can't get past connecting. :) [Edit] can connect to Darrowshire just fine as well.
  6. About to roll an alliance toon, but it won't be the first time I've played one faction grossly outnumbered by the other faction.
  7. Sobreta

    Leveling a healer?

    Okay, thanks, I think I'll give questing as holy a shot.
  8. Sobreta

    Leveling a healer?

    well, my question was more can I heal if I'm prot spec. I don't have anybody to level with, so I have to be able to quest solo and have never had a good time doing that as holy lol. If I ask the group up front at the start if I can roll on healy gear and they say no, would it be unpardonably rude for me to drop group? I mean I don't want to run a dungeon if there's nothing in it for me :|
  9. Sobreta

    Leveling a healer?

    I started playing pally in BC and continued until I quit at the end of Warlords. By far my favorite class, and I'm thinking of starting a new one! I had a few questions though. I prefer healing, but this isn't practical for leveling outside of grinding dungeons. Can prot heal dungeons while leveling? How is prot for leveling? I remember it was a blast in BC, but as I played horde I never played the class in vanilla and have no clue what it was like. Also, if I join a group as a healer, is it okay to roll on healing gear even though I might be prot spec? Seems opinions on this vary from person to person, so what's Elysium's general etiquette on this one?
  10. Sobreta

    [Request] Gatherer With Full Database

    I disabled world map nodes and haven't had errors. One thing I did notice, if it's any help, is when world map nodes are toggled on, when I close the world map one of the nodes is still there on the screen and mousing over it causes a lua error. Sorry for not screenshots, I will try to get one today if I can get it to happen again.
  11. Any addons that let me add additional music without simply replacing the default music?
  12. Hey guys, I'm new to the server, haven't played vanilla since vanilla! I'm looking for an active guild, make some friends, people to level with, all that fun stuff. I like many activities like PvP and PvE, leveling/questing, I have played end-game here and there but I don't think my current internet connection will allow me to step into any level 60 content unfortunately (satellite internet, 700+ ms at all times). Just looking for people to talk to and group with and enjoy wow with. Can anyone suggest some active guilds that would have me? :)
  13. Sobreta

    Leveling a healer?

    So if I wanted to level a paladin in actual heal spec would I do better to PVP and just random dungeon grind my way to 60? Can ret or prot heal random 5 mans until at least 50ish or so so I can quest, too? I never leveled a paladin before BC (and leveled prot), don't know what to expect but it's always been my favorite class. Priest sounds like my next go, though, since it sounds like I can level as normal and pop into dungeons to heal and do quests.