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    STV madness wait for 50-59 leveling

    Guess the Horde honestly have nothing better to do than gank people that are trying to level. I wonder if they are aware they are only inflicting harm on themselves while they continue with this behavior. The more out of control the ganking gets towards the Alliance the less likely the people who are trying to level on said Alliance side are going to stick with it. They will either switch to the Horde to or they will just quit altogether because it is just not an enjoyable experience. Dungeons do not give nearly the same rate of xp that retail does and as such is not a real viable alternative for leveling. What this results with is even longer queue times for the Horde for BG's, exacerbated population imbalance, and a decreasing server population overall. But by all means continue ganking people to your hearts content if that is how you get your amusement from life. I do not mind world pvp, but there is a difference between that and just being a jerk about it when you know your opponent cannot possibly do anything to stop you. Just to clarify people around the same level doing wpvp while questing = no problem. People who evidently have nothing better to do, want an easy kill with no skill involved and are well outside of a player's level range screwing with players trying to level = problem. Go back to retail if you want crap pvp.
  2. I wanted to play on Darrowshire since I enjoy my pvp in a controlled environment and consenting to world pvp on my terms, but the population size by comparison to Elysium drew me to a PvP server. I played vanilla back in the day on pve servers and would have much preferred to do it that way again, but I need other people to play with at the same time. I played on Darrowshire initially but the cities and zone chat did not seem very active, and certainly not as chatty as Elysium. Ultimately I had to compromise if I wanted to experience vanilla again unfortunately.