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  1. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    Brook, I'm not sure. I'm using both of those talents and I can't tell. My ambush seems to crit more often than not so who know. MoD, just not sure.
  2. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    Okay so tried out http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fhe0oZZEMechhRqo and I absolutely love it! The spec feels great and has lots of synergy. To me this is what some of the other sub pvp cookie cutter specs were missing. So this may not be the best spec and of course using daggers with hemo is always considered bad. But this is the best feeling spec I've played and it plays great as well. Thanks again Roxanne for your different perspective. So it seems to me that using backstab with a sub spec is the issue. Using hemo makes more sense. But the job of hemo isn't really for damage. It's for cheap CB building and as a debuff. So sub is really about openers and finishers and great bleeds. Along with set up I had plenty of combo points and finally I wasn't energy starved. You finally made the vanilla version of the rogue make sense to me. Thank you. Thank you.
  3. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    Thanks for your reply Roxanne. I love it! So your hemo spec you listed meant to be used with daggers? I always thought that daggers and hemo was a bad combination. But you make a lot of sense here. Ambush talents are in the sub tree which requires a dagger yet If I want to use hemo I need to switch to a sword/mace. Seems stupid to me. Sub is about stealth openers and finishers. Anyways I love the deep sub build you posted. But shouldn't opportunity be picked as well to boost ambush damage? Maybe something like this: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fhe0oZZEMechhRqo Dropped Lethality since it only affects hemo and grabbed opportunity. What do you think? I like your ideas here. I'm just trying to understand them since it goes against the grain of what you normally hear...which I like btw. :)
  4. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    Frombehindyo, Hey man just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress. I'm level 59 and finally knocking on the door of 60. At this point I'm having somewhat of a dilemma. I have played both hemo and backstab/ambush quite a bit at this point. I really can't seem to decide which is the better route for me to take. Hemo spec seems much easier to manage and has better control. But backstab/ambush is very bursty and feels more like a rogue. So I guess I wanted to get an update from you if your feelings towards a certain build or another has changed in hopes that it could help me. Retrain is expensive so I don't want to keep doing it just because I'm indecisive...lol. I also had a few questions concerning each build: Hemo Spec 1. I normally take improved sap but I find I'm not really using it that much. Would Setup be a better or equal alternative to take in your view. 2. In the assassination tree portion what do prefer between improved expose armor, vile poisons, and improved poisons? Current idea is something like this: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fhe0oxtZhZxMe0hhRo Dagger/Ambush Spec 1. The biggest issue I face with the spec is that if I want to get Cold Blood I have to sacrifice MoD. I really don't like that. This spec is stretched thin as it is trying to grab all the good talents. Anyways this is the spec I'm thinking of if I go this direction: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fhe0oxZhfZEMec00R Thanks for your thoughts and guidance
  5. cbarchuk

    Broken abilities and/or talents

    Is there a general consensus on which talents or abilities are broken? There are posts that suggest Master of Deception, Hemorrhage, Improved Ambush, and Serrated Blades are all screwed up in some way. Is this in fact true? Are there others? Getting ready to hit 60 and was planning on retraining and I just don't want to waste points in talents that are simply not working. Thanks.
  6. cbarchuk


    Yea I was playing for while as a dagger rogue and my ambush rarely seemed to crit which did seem odd. I also didn't know that stealth levels weren't working properly. Makes me wonder what else isn't working the way it should. Seems pretty sad that these things haven't been fixed. I appreciate the fact that the game is free to play but what's the point if essential talents and/or abilities don't function correctly?
  7. cbarchuk

    Can't decide which playstyle to go with.

    I just hit level 40 today playing a human and so far I've experimented with both combat and subtlety. Leveling-wise combat swords are the most efficient. Now I didn't say they were necessarily the most fun. I'm personally leveling as subtlety swords using hemo but I started out as combat. Despite combat's effectiveness it just wasn't fun for me. So you have to ask yourself if you care about enjoying the leveling process or do you simply just want to hit 60 as fast as possible. If it's the former then pick whatever spec you want. If it's latter then go combat swords. As far as choosing between daggers and swords it comes down whether you want to worry about being behind the target or not. With daggers you will use backstab and ambush as much as possible. If you use swords then SS will be your spam attack. Daggers "feels" more like a stealthy assassin while swords feels more like your a leather clad warrior or a swashbuckler. I played subtlety daggers for a while too and I really enjoyed it. It's a bit more challenging to solo quest with but perfectly doable. You'll have to use stuns to get behind the target or learn how strafe back and forth through the target for a backstab. Take your pick.
  8. cbarchuk

    How to farm gold now?

    What's the minimum level you should be to attempt this fuckanoshi?
  9. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    Thanks again Muzzy for your thoughts, I really appreciate it. When I tried it out before I didn't have dirty deeds so cheapshot was pretty expensive so I felt extremely energy-starved. So it sounds like you're saying I'm going to get more "bang for my buck" with hemo/swords than with daggers due to dagger builds requiring a lot more gear. My buddy and I are currently level 34 and have been primarily wPvPing and it's been great. So another question, PvP-wise, which spec would works the best at my level: Something like: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fZZxMe0chRo or http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fMZGcZV0xs I'm currently doing the dagger build and it's been working great but I do play a human and feel like I should be using swords since they have sword specialization. The dagger build also been great for leveling especially in a group which is what I'm using playing in. Thanks.
  10. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    Wow! Frombehindyo, I just read your post. Thank you so much for the detailed information. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the video. Might have some questions for you as well here in bit....
  11. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    Thanks again guys for the feedback and, you're right Muzzy, I do need to recalibrate my expectations. Gotta another question for ya'll: Hemo swords seems to be one of main pvp specs to use. Can someone explain to me why it's so good? I tried it here at 30 briefly and found the damage extremely lacking compared to the backstab/ambush spec I'm using now. Is this just doe do my level?
  12. cbarchuk

    Combo point addon

    How do you install these addons? I've tried combo points redux and nugcombobar and it won't work. I get some kind of error upon entering the game. I don't get it. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    Muzzy and Pwana, Thanks for your thoughts. Alright I decided to give it shot. The first thing I noticed, as Pwana pointed out, was that I was missing a lot more without precision. I also noticed that my poisons weren't proccing as often either. I'm not really sure why that is. So while I appreciated having some utitliy, the damage was less for sure. So I'm not really sure what to do. I definitely did not have this quandary when I have leveled my rogue back in WotLK. I leveled as sub and it was an awesome experience. Vanilla is, of course, a much different experience. I just can't find a leveling spec that is fun to play and efficient in both PvE and PvP. So I'm going to keep at it for a bit longer. I may give some kind of dagger/ambush spec a try to see how that works as well.
  14. cbarchuk

    Leveling dilema

    I definitely understand that and, against mobs, it's been great. I'm mainly talking about the pvp aspect of it and which there's ton on this server. Isn't there more of hybrid spec that could work? I'm mainly leveling with my friend so I wouldn't be solo that often. If hemo would be a bad choice, at least for now, what about if I stayed in combat but used daggers and that way I could at least use backstab and ambush. I know I can do whatever here, I just don't want to regret the spec change since it's kind of expensive. In these world pvp moments the slow stealth is really hurting me here as I'm more of a pvper. Thanks for your thoughts.
  15. What is the most efficient and cost effective way to make money with skinning and leatherworking while leveling? Leveling skinning has been easy and LW not too bad as well. My issue has been trying to make some money. Any recommendations?