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    DME Farming

    Way to be hypocritical but, hey, thanks for continuing my point Bunzing.
  2. Tevon

    DME Farming

    I make 50g/hour farming DM East, I kill all the plants then move on to the Satyr and Imp packs. Tons of felcloth, demonic runes, tubers, greens etc. Just further enforces the fact that locks>mages ;). I do agree farming exclusively plants is not particularly viable anymore though.
  3. I leveled an alliance lock on Darrowshire and made it to R8. A typical matchup for me vs an UD rogue is he opens up, I seduce, he uses WOTF, I death coil, then grenade when it expires into a fear. Obviously several factors and cooldowns need to be available but that's the best shot for you outside of engineering and other sweet trinkets such as tidal charm, arena master, jungle remedy so you can CoE kite etc. If there's a gear disparity you can just mash cooldowns and/or drain tank with the voidwalker in case you need to sac. Basically utilize anything that will give you the edge and reserve them specifically for UD rogues or whatever other class is your bane. Warlocks can do insane burst also if you're conflag spec and if the stars align with a NF proc as well so try to use that to your advantage. SL spec gives you a ridiculous amount of survivability in bg's which works out very well against just about all melee and casters who refuse/can not dispel so if all else fails your best course of action may be to do that. Goodluck!
  4. Tevon

    getting started

    Great! Be sure to check out some of the threads in the Warlock forums here, they have some great tips, macros and other misc information.
  5. One of the main reasons why I went to Elysium. I just found myself missing WPVP and fights for faction domination. I also of course liked the fresh experience as well that Elysium offered, although that appeal is to be expected when a new server opens up, a lot of players are nomads who go to the most exciting/highest populated servers and move on to the next when things start to stagnate due to lack of new content to suit their needs for immediate gratification, which has already happened to a degree on Elysium. The server started out at 12k peak and is now under 7k on weekends and the gradual loss of players has affected all servers. Even on Elysium it's impossible to go a night without some moron quoting the realm population at the time and saying "Server Dead." I don't see any major problems with Darrowshire outside of the population discrepancy between factions, IMO. There are still competitive horde side guilds and it's not as much of a concern on a PvE carebear server ;).
  6. Tevon

    FP Grief is Fun

    You seem like a neat person.