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  1. Luwoo

    Lower level brackets

    Absolutely not true. 19s & 29s are pops are instant. Nothing like I've ever seen before. Unless there are more than 1 or 2 games going on simultaneously, which then results in around 3-5min ques. 39s is less popular, however still active and nowhere near dead. Haven't hear much about 49, if you're looking for something more active I would suggest resorting to other brackets. Everything above 39 requires you to wait for quite a bit (correct me if I'm wrong). See you in the gulch!
  2. I've played this bracket quite a lot and would tend to disagree - being semi BiS is enough to have fun even against full BiS. Also, I don't enjoy world pvp really. However, if you know a guild on horde side that is full of twinks I'd gladly look into it :p
  3. I'm new in horde, making a semi-BiS rogue twink, aiming for the 19 bracket. I'm active and social, let me know if you'd like me in your guild. In-game: Tethoros.
  4. I'm a fresh starter on the horde side, but I'm going for +/- 70% BiS rogue, I'm active and social. In game nick: Tethoros. Aiming for the 19 bracket.
  5. Luwoo

    Accidental level up

    Hi there, I turned in the AB mark quest and received XP about which I completely forgot, leading my 29 twink to level up to 30.. Is this the end of it or can something be done? I spent really a lot of time on it and am really devastated about this.
  6. Agreed, this is becoming a bloody issue. The spawn rate should have been increased even more post merger, instead it got nerfed.. Please fix this with BWL!
  7. Luwoo

    Best Professions For Leveling First Character

    I'm at lvl 29 with my first char, I picked mining + engi. Can't make much money from professions, not just yet and not enough to get me a mount in 10 lvls. I do have 30g which I consider to be quite a lot for my lvl, however this I gained through playing the AH, few lucky drops and like ~7g out of it I made by selling mats/shotguns etc. My point is that not sure how other professions are, but likely you won't be making much money off them in low lvls, better stick to other means (like playing the AH)
  8. Luwoo

    Herb spawn rate.

    Are you sure the BWL patch includes the fix to herb spawn rate? I would only assume this should incorporate mine veins and the like as well, because the consumable prices are currently at a very high level and only tend to increase..
  9. Luwoo

    Iron Deposit locations

    I need moar !!! :D
  10. Hi, I'm at lvl 29 with 125 mining. I'm looking to get a lot of materials (Iron Ore + Heavy stone) whilst levelling. Initially, due to feedback I thought of going to wetlands/hillsbrad to quest. However, I see this will not help me obtain mining skill/materials. Therefore, what would be the recommended place to go questing with a good chance of finding iron nodes simultaneously? I know arathi is an option, but I hear the questing part sucks there.. and it's super populated (I'm ally) Edit: While I'm at it - any tips on what's the most efficient way to farm volumes of iron + heavy stone? Thanks!
  11. Dude you are being mocked. I mean, 'farming mats off of other players' ? :D come on
  12. Do not give a fuck, vanilla is the best thing after playing for ~6 yrs hands down. If u play for graphics go play minecraft
  13. I would agree to merging Anathema + Darrowshire due to both servers being of relativley low population. And for now I'm not considering the differences among server-specific aspects. Also, I believe for a limited population/time, a transfer option should be available to transfer from Elysium to Anatheshire/Darrowthema. That way, we would have 2 servers with populations around 3-5k and 2-3k. Because let's face it, Elysium is currently a bit overpopulated. just sharing my 2 cents
  14. The unintended down-time rarely happens on the server. Remember, this whole thing is being hosted by volunteers so don't expect 100% stability. The state in which the server and the project is currently in is fascinating!