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  1. Xaph

    Bonereaver's Edge and SoCru

    If this works its a bug, SoR seal twist doesn't work if I remember right. I think Theoloras had a big post about it. Looking forward to your results Drakova, especially against casters like spriest/lock.
  2. Xaph

    Theloras' Retribution Guide

    Manual Crowd Pummeler is actually amazing for SoR but for lvling IMO it depends on what ranks you have available. SoR and SotC are pretty close as long as you judge SotC when using SoR.
  3. Xaph

    AV weekend

    Brack Rotus all day
  4. Xaph

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    I'm pretty sure it's a separate mechanic. IMP Conc aura affects silence and interrupt though.
  5. Xaph

    Prot Enchant/Libram Discussion

    Armor enchant will only get worse as your gear increases because of diminishing returns.
  6. Xaph

    Improved Seal of Righteousness talent

    Anyone able to locate a video of a paladin using SoR? All the videos I've found are of pallies using SoC whether they're holy/prot/ret.
  7. Xaph

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    Highest skillcap vanilla wow is druid/hunter IMO. Both classes do not scale like other "high skill cap" classes and hunters especially have a glaring weakness. Mages, rogues, and warlock have much more consistent cc and burst giving them much more control over the course of a fight.
  8. Xaph

    Acceptable pally names

    Looking back I should've named my pally Canuckadin.
  9. I don't think it's on-next swing but extra swing category abilities that cannot proc items.
  10. Xaph

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    I know reading comprehension is tough for you. I can see that in all of the replies you've posted on other bug reports as well. You're misunderstanding what Killerduki was pointing out. Whether the debuff for JOTC shows or does not show THAT IS LIKELY THE VISUAL BUG (caps so you hopefully read it). I understand what you're saying about the mechanics but you're clearly using your eyes and assuming that the VISUAL BUG is the same as what's taking place. The only way to AVOID THE VISUAL BUG, is to compare the damage on the two different warders and theorize what caused the difference in damage. Again, YOU CANNOT BE 100% POSITIVE THAT WHAT YOU'RE SEEING (THE VISUAL BUG) IS EXACTLY WHAT IS OCCURRING IN THE DAMAGE CALCULATION. The only way to control for that is to compare the damage.
  11. Xaph

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    You're still not reading what he wrote correctly. The appearance of a second jotc and it falling off is a separate issue. Whether you like him or not, just read what he wrote. There are two separate issues, one is a visual bug and the other is jotc stacking. You're conflating the 2.
  12. Xaph

    Paladin Bug Compendium

    Pretty hard to deny the evidence now but I'm sure Imbaslap's hatred of paladins will come up with something.
  13. Xaph

    Improved Seal of Righteousness talent

    Right now we only have the class guide on the official wow forums. Video evidence is hard to come by because all the shockadins are using SoC instead of SoR.
  14. Xaph

    What would be the BIS reckbomb gear?

    I don't know which patch changed it but it was changed in retail. Gotta admit these guys on the forums know way more about paladin than me but I did grind to rank 12 on retail with a team and it wasn't possible later on to weapon swap and keep reck stacks.
  15. Xaph

    What would be the BIS reckbomb gear?

    You lose charges when you swap weapons