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  1. Told "might call it better" :p
  2. For everyone that will log 1/3/7 days after servers up? Might call it better, but please make it pretty ! ;) (You know, would be nice .. and everyone likes items that are rare/no longer available)
  3. Heya, I started playing WoW in late Vanilla. I was enjoying every year of it till late Cataclysm (when I give up PvP and made break). But I came back in MoP as casual Blood DK was fun, but time didn't allow me to continue playing(another break). Second attemption was in early Legion, uhm... well... didn't liked it at all. Elysium seems to be good opportunity to again enjoy WoW. In all those years I achived 2.9k in 3v3, 3k in RBG(as leader), coupe Realm/Country first kills, attained a realm-best time for every single MoP Dungeon @ Challenge Mode, 99% achievements points and some more... In real life I'm studying, working, training Capoeira, Boxing, Street workout, sometimes I'm also racing driver, learning 3 languages etc... I'm doing a lot of stuff, very often I'm short on time, but from time to time I like to spend my time playing WoW. At the beginning on Elysium I made mistake and now I'm 60 Paladin, I know, not good. To sum up, I'm experienced, casual player (Paladin)[Ret atm and pref to stay ret, but might think about swap to Holy] that is looking for a guild. Obsiously I'm not able to reach 100% raid presence. To be fair I don't have specifications about guild I'm looking for, it might be hardcore raiding, casual, or new former one. Just with English language in general Gchat. What do I want is from time to time join 39 people (that don't claims game is hard and killing dragons require 6 hours of preparation), have fun from clearing content, have non-retarted guild members that you can talk with and atleast 2 PvP Heroses to do BGs/World PvP with. Overall to have fun from playing this game, cuz for me it's all about having a good time.. ;) Have a nice day, greetings.
  4. Yazhy

    LF Polish Guild (A)

    Hai, is there any active Polish guild on ally side ? :)
  5. Hey, haven't seen Flubbah yet :/ But I will think about You guys and gonna contact ingame. Thanks and take care ;)
  6. Hello, not quite sure if this topic is in right place, Guild Corner maybe? I'm new to Elysium and wondering if there is a real deal PvP guild on Ally side. Myabe some big one, or elite with former Gladiators, Heroses, tons of skill etc... ;)