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    Defeatist attitude in PvP

    would you expect anything else from NEETs
  2. mollypercocet

    Post Your UI #3456789

    awesome! thanks for the help
  3. mollypercocet

    Post Your UI #3456789

    trying to remember all addons from before, but this is the only old pic i could find. can someone name the self/target hp and hotkeys addon? also that mosaic addon by minimap?
  4. mollypercocet

    Level 54 as Ally - regreting it :(

    picked the wrong side by chosing ally. nothing can replace the emptiness of org.
  5. mollypercocet

    Basic Holy Priest guide - "What the light will tell you."

    i stopped using renew in raids when i realized it didn't heal shit other than when stacked with druid hots in the beginning of some fights. and really, if your raid is dying, it's not because "you didn't time your renew spell correctly!! i swaer it's good!!", but most likely because you and your healing friends should get your shit together and start healing effectively.
  6. https://twitter.com/elysium_dev here, use this as your homepage.
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    Ya know...

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    Freezes and crashes

    Hey, I have big problems that are really ruining the experience for me. I never had it on Kronos, and it started the moment I changed to Elysium. The game freezes for about 5 seconds every now and then. Evertime I am in the middle of a fight, my entire game freezes (I can still move around without actually moving around). I thought it was my internet, but I am constantly on around 40ms. The other problem is that my game crashes often. It never happened on another server where I could play with tons of addons and shit. I even lowered my resolution, and it still did not make any difference. I like the fact that Elysium feels like retail vanilla, but it sucks to experience these problems. Like I mentioned I have never had these issues before. So if anyone knows wazzup, holla at me pls. Thanks
  9. If you would create a healing character, would you rather pick a female instead of a male and why? Because healing gear is feminine, and male characters look like shit in it. Also because I wish I were a girl. No, but seriously, staring at a dwarf female is more soothing than staring at a male dwarf, and they both look like shit as well (even though I am gradually starting to love the looks of my dwarf female). * Does your behavior or way of talking change when you play a female character? Even if this is just a slight change. Of course. Simple biology makes men talk different to girls and vice versa. Whether post-modernism wants to make it an issue about sexism or not, it is just as natural as it gets. Eg. men do stupid shit to impress women, because we have historically always been the "jester". * Do you have a certain view on how women in-game behave differently compared to men? How? Not really. There are bad male and females players. I do, however, believe men get punished far more (by men) than women if they were to fuck up. * When interacting with a female in game, does your behavior towards that player change in comparison to playing with another male player? I want to say no, but yes. It's a different communication between sexes.