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    Flurry axe (alliance)

    Want to buy flurry axe for around 180g, /w Kunigaikstis in game
  2. Dzykei

    Best Protection Paladin Guide in Classic

    Hey, killerduki, nice guide. Big fan of you, could you make similar guide for retries? :)
  3. Hello, I cant get hammer of justice rank 2 skill on my paladin. There is no such skill in trainers, just rank 3. I have already tried to delete wdb and wtf folders but it didnt help. Server: Elysium Nick: Kunigaikstis
  4. Dzykei

    Cant get hammer of justice rank 2

    Ok, so i was able to learn rank 3 without rank 2, so everything is fine now.
  5. Dzykei

    Cant get hammer of justice rank 2

    I visited various trainers
  6. Information about this problem would be well appreciated!