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  1. Wericia

    2H Weapon tier list (Horde)

    I'd argue that BRE is supreme, especially if you don't have all the armor debuffs available. Othervise upgraded R14 > The Untamed Blade > Sulfuras/Askhandi.
  2. Wericia

    Alternative to defense cap?

    Sickle of Unyielding Strength should yield a slightly better result for this purpose than maladath, 4 defense and 6 agility.
  3. Wericia

    Charge speed and slows

    On the retail servers it was fairly inconsistent, the stronger slows usually made you slow while charging and charge off pathing. (like, when a rogue has crippling poison on you and sidestep -especially if he's jumping, you'll probably intercept passed him.) With the weaker slows it usually didn't make a big difference, not sure if you got slowed at all.
  4. Wericia

    New Tank Build

    http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LcZVg0VMxoVoxfzox This is also a decent build in AQ gear, as it has lots of crit chance. Your threat is immense with world buffs and you get to keep the very best talents in the protection tree. (with improved demoralizing shout you can reduce the attack power of mobs to practically 0 despite curse of recklessness being on.) Improved execute is for vaelastrasz and easy content. Venturing into Naxxramas though, you'll likely swap out conqueror pieces for dreadnaught, losing crit. You'll likely want improved shield wall as well, but for now this spec is awesome.
  5. Wericia

    Advanced nerdery, Proc rate question

    As far as i know, it's the base attack speed of the weapon that matters when it comes to PPM. Othervise you'd get lower proc chance with flurry, warchief's blessing, attack speed enchants, counterweight etc.
  6. Wericia

    to cleave or not to cleave

    May i ask why the default answer would be no? Your single target threat will drop by using cleave (somewhat less base threat gain divided by 2), but you'll deal alot more damage, making more threat in total with cleave than heroic strike. (total threat as in, you'll keep the other mob on you too.)
  7. Wericia

    /msbt Revenge [proc trigger]

    It'll probably be spammy in MSBT, but if you add a trigger with search pattern: CHAT_MSG_COMBAT_CREATURE_VS_SELF_MISSES add to the rows of search pattern: "You parry.", "You dodge." and on another trigger "You block." it'll announce that revenge is usable (but won't check cd of course).
  8. Wericia

    Blocked crits?

    As far as i know, crit and block can overlap in the hit table. It's why you want to reduce chance to be crit by stacking defense on tanks, othervise you'd negate most critical hits by using shield block with 2 charges. Block is a mitigation ability, it reduces the damage you take by a certain amount based on block value, hence the same number. (at least on the same kind of mobs.)
  9. Wericia

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus v2

    The reason for this is that all Elysium realms run with the 1.11 version of taunt instead of the pre-1.11 one. Taunt used to be forcing a target to hit you only.
  10. Wericia

    BRE vs Ashkandi

    I'd reckon with only one proc, you're doing more damage with BRE compared to Askhandi. (Which should, at least for horde, be the case almost all the time with its ~13% procrate.) With more than one proc, it's blowing it out of the water.
  11. Wericia

    BRE vs Ashkandi

    700 armor reduction is about 8% damage increase, maybe even a bit more when it comes to MC/BWL monsters. (And of course, more with higher stack) When comparing weapons you need to keep in mind that the damage range is a part of the total damage, so measuring 10% difference on the weapon alone won't do the trick. Unbuffed i've got slightly over 1k ap, that'd be about 1560 with worldbuffs. (111.4 dps on top of the 81.9/75.9 that you've got on your weapons) the difference between the weapons is very slim when it comes to raw damage, but the BRE proc heavily outweighs the damage range favour of Askhandi. Despite it being 3.5 speed rather than 3.4. (When it comes to horde, the weapon speed matters a bit more, but your proc uptime should be higher as horde as you've got more incentive to spam hamstring)