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    Best way to leveling low level pet

    @Shaze Is it really necessary to take if PvP BT if PVE Lupos? Because I'm thinking that I'm not be able to tame one of these pets because of my bad luck. Any other advice? @Raziya Greetings Raziya, I already read your guide. It's amazing. First of all, thank you very much for that. And now I'll check your guide once again. To see if there is any information about these pets spawn timers. Because some information I have seems like corrupted. Dunno exactly.
  2. Greetings, For the first time I'm playing hunter. To be honest, playing hunter is very funny. But for last 7 days, it's a pain. Because after some research, I realized that the pet that I use, garbage. So after more research I found Broken Tooth and Lupos. Spawns are full of hunters. Some players only coming for killing these rares. Anyhow I hope someday I'll tame Broken Tooth. 2 days ago, I catch Broken Tooth. I start taming after I put trap. And it is failed. 10 sec later another hunter came there and he took it on first attempt. he was 38, I'm 40 btw. Before I make this, I was with my best friend echeyakee. I abandoned him to take Broken Tooth, but as i said I failed. Now I have Rake. Rake seems good for now. But he was 10 when I tamed. Till 15, I killed 15-18 level mobs and Rake was taking experience and level. Now, stucked. Rake only taking experience when 'I' take experience. That means I need to kill at least 32-33. As you realize, It's a little bit hard. My questions are; 1-Is it normal to not taking experience from +15 lvl mobs and need to kill +33 (according to my level)? 2-Is there any other way to leveling my pet fast? 3-What we gonna do with these blizzlike spawn times? (It should be more less) As I see know, taking a good pet it's a competition. But some people is just took these pets and came to Elysium from Zeth'Kur. Do you think that it is justified? I already start to thinking about re-roll. Show me a good way that makes me happy. I dont want to lose my Hunter. Regards,
  3. Hey guys, As a new member of Elysium family, I have a problem about logging to my account. Possible to connect other servers but for Elysium, its not possible to connect. It stucked on 'Connected' screen. Any advice? Best Regards, Red.