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  1. dogmax

    1.12.1 Interface Addon Kit?

    Rehosted the files here: http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/World_of_Warcraft_Interface_Addon_Kit#World_of_Warcraft_Interface_Addon_Kit That being said, Gorstavich, please continue hosting your files on your domain. ---------------------------- I found this thread because the VanillaWoWWiki has broken links when it links to this file. I have updated the article to refer to Gorstavich link and the dropbox link. The dropbox links might not be up forever because Dropbox links usually stop working after some time. ----------------------------- EDIT: There is now an article on the Vanilla WoW Wiki for download links and related files. If anyone out there decides to rehost the files, please put a link in the article. It's probably a long shot to ask for that, but maybe someone will read this post in the future. The vanilla WoW wiki has a lot of deprecated links to the Interface Addon kit. Those links have been removed and they now redirect to the article i just linked. This means that it should be a lot easier, from now on, to find a download link via google.
  2. I disagree. SL is quite good for pvp in preraid bis gear mixed with some felheart. Especially the Nightfall + SL variant. You just need to play with a different mindset which is "I must survive" instead of "he must go down". I recommend every lock to try NF +SL and start fishing for rogues. You will be surprised about the amount of DMG you can take. Feels good man
  3. dogmax

    PvE DPS Class Selection: Warlock vs Mage

    As a horde lock it feels like there are more locks than mages in the raiding environment. I know that realm stats say that there are more mages in total at 60, and it's probably true, but they aren't raiding or doing AV or doing dungeons. Dunno what they are doing but Warlock seems to be the caster FoTM.
  4. dogmax

    Addon Developer Resources

    Nice links. Just chippin in to say that there is a problem with the Ace2 guide because it is for WoW version 2.0.1 which is The Burning Crusade and it has a different API than what the 1.12.1 client uses which makes it very hard for noob programmers to learn. I found an old version on the guide which is suited for the 1.12.1 WoW verison on the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20061102073931/http://wiki.wowace.com/wiki/WelcomeHome_-_Your_first_Ace2_Addon Please note: There is an error in this version of the Ace2 guide too! It's in the Locale-enUS.lua file at the bottom of the guide. This is the incorrect code local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("WelcomeHome") L:RegisterTranslations("enUS", function() return { ["Slash-Commands"] = { "/welcomehome", "/wh" } -- This is where the error is ["Welcome Home!"] = true, -- default message ["Message"] = true, ["Sets the message to be displayed when you get home."] = true, ["<your message>"] = true, -- usage ["Show in Chat"] = true, ["If set, your message will be displayed in the General chat window."] = true, ["Show on Screen"] = true, ["If set, your message will be displayed on the screen near the top of the game field."] = true, } end) The following is the correct code: local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("WelcomeHome") L:RegisterTranslations("enUS", function() return { ["Slash-Commands"] = { "/welcomehome", "/wh" }, -- Here the error is fixed ["Welcome Home!"] = true, -- default message ["Message"] = true, ["Sets the message to be displayed when you get home."] = true, ["<your message>"] = true, -- usage ["Show in Chat"] = true, ["If set, your message will be displayed in the General chat window."] = true, ["Show on Screen"] = true, ["If set, your message will be displayed on the screen near the top of the game field."] = true, } end) I tried to take a back up of the wayback-machine version while also fixing the Locale-enUS.lua file and uploaded it to the vanilla wowwikia here: http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/WelcomeHome_-_Your_first_Ace2_Addon However, somebody still needs to try to follow this version of the guide to spot for errors. It should be error free.
  5. dogmax

    PvE end game rotation

    Yep but PvP is awesome
  6. I leveled an alliance warlock to 42 on Nost with alch/herb so I don't have end game xp as ally lock. Free action pots take you a long long way since the biggest problem for all warlocks is really lack of mobility. Also goblin rocket boots + amp. Curse of exhaustion is good against rogue sprint.
  7. dogmax

    [H] Johnlars' Dreadsteed service

    Hi my character's name is Johnlars and is on horde. I offer a cheap dreadsteed summoning service. The price varies a lot depending on the market so we can talk about a price that fits you. I have done the event around 15 times so it's routine at this point. Normally I form the group but we can play with your guildies too if you would rather do that :). Whisper me in-game and add me to your friend's list. I can guide you through the other steps of the quest chain as well if you need it. See you in-game! - Johnlars
  8. True. And if you need people to focus on one objective you should join a premade
  9. Back door is fine and is not even close to cheating. Alliance can easily win AV if they rush too or put 5 mages to wipe the entire horde raid at icewing. It has happened before. The only reason it doesnt happen often is because alliance turtle instead. If backdoor is patched horde can't win any games because the asymmetrical map favours alliance much much more than the backdoor favors horde. It doesnt even make sense to use balance as an argument for patching the back door because the map is much more fair WITH the back door. Alliance can still wipe the entire horde raid @ the back door if they get their shit together. The only reason horde wins is because they organise and actually use the only viable strategy they have. Alliance could easily counter the back door but GG half the alliance premades insist on doing turtle strats.
  10. dogmax

    SM/Ruin Pet

    It's situational whether you want to use the imp for extra dps. If it is DPS'ing it means it's out of phase shift, which means it can get killed, pull and what not. You CAN use succubus in dungeons too, for seduce CC, but you need to have it keybound. And it doesnt last very long so you have to be quick to recast it. Also, the enemy has to be out of seduce before you can recast it so it takes a lot of micro, Even then there is a 1.5 sec window where the enemy is free. BUT it is possible. I did an LBRS run with two warlocks and a shaman healer and it worked. We replaced the one lock with a mage for the end boss but that is besides the point
  11. dogmax

    Post Your UI #3456789

    sure, you can get it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2xt2agt9n2k61r/DogmaxUI so far.zip?dl=0
  12. dogmax

    (H) PVP Mage or Warlock?

    They are about equal in how much pvp ownage they can do. Mages have more burst over all whereas warlocks only get their burst in later leveling (dead coil, nightfall, shadowburn). Mages are more mobile but have to drink all of the time while warlocks are more static and can keep going forever (talking about grinding mobs). Mages have insane aoe. In dungeons both are spamming *bolt so there is no difference there.
  13. Im using this, WOD models and gun sounds. No problem for months so far. This is perfect if you're playing a rogue for example.
  14. dogmax

    Post Your UI #3456789

    It's just discord art and discord frame modifier.