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  1. Lyalp

    Character restoration

    I know this was some time ago, but is it too late to get a restore from when things went downhill with the split between Elysium and LH?
  2. Lyalp

    AH issues.

    I think this needs to go on this list of 'issues to take care of eventually'.
  3. Yes, because you are such a great judge for character.
  4. Ever since I have started this game, I've met quite a few great people to get to know, and have to some small extent. I've also noted many people to avoid talking to because I just don't care about what I'm seeing... I know for many, including myself, there are certain things that can be placed under the 'sticks and stone' catagory that others will 'snowflake' over, but there have been times where people will say them in order to get a rise out of others, or simply because they're probably unable to think of something more intelligent to say. This would include words that have historically been used to demean blacks and gays, talks used against Jewish, the word 'autistic' and many other conversations that were clearly for the sake of getting into other people's skin. The worst thing about this is that when I have said something about it in the chats, the obvious go-to claims was that I'm a snowflake and am highly offended came about... But what's worse, in my opinion, is that I would get people claiming the meaning behind all this has changed. First thing I have to say to this is that you cannot artificially change the meaning of words because you want to use them. The first two examples have been, and will continue being used against gays and blacks. Other words like this toward any other group of people will be on the same boat. In history and the future. Jewish people have had their own history of hate that continues to thrive and the meaning behind saying some of the things I've seen in-game will always, to many, be hate filled. Autism is a mental problem that is severely being understated when people are calling others this for a huge variety of reasons. The second thing I have to say, which I already pretty well implied in the last paragraph, is that these issues have a strong, and very negative history. To say things as many have been, is basically to ignore the history of them. Just because people in these groups use them against each other doesn't mean they're ok. I'll admit, I belong to a hated group and I'll never use them so lightly. Not that things will change, but at least consider the issues that are being put into play here. I have no doubts people on this game are racist, homophobic, sexist, etc, and they are going to use some of these arguments I've gotten to cover themselves as simple trolling. By saying these things at all, it's easier to pass as this.
  5. Lyalp

    AH issues.

    So this was a pretty bad comment, and it was a stupid question. Regardless, some of my auctions from last night sold. I deleted them this morning, but they still aren't showing.
  6. Lyalp

    AH issues.

    Is the addon the WDB folder? Regardless of the answer, I had tried deleting the folder. Still not working. Is the addon the WDB folder? Regardless, I tried deleting the folder. Nothing.
  7. Lyalp

    AH issues.

    I got two people, one being somebody I know irl, looking into the AH for some of my things, but neither saw any. I happen to get a bid on one of my items that I put in for an extremely low amount for the sake of testing this, but even then I didn't see it, and in still getting nothing anywhere else.
  8. Lyalp

    AH issues.

    I'll be sure to ask a friend when I can about it.
  9. Lyalp

    AH issues.

    No, yes. I'll have to ask about that one.
  10. Lyalp

    AH issues.

    So I've been throwing stuff into the AH quite a bit over the last week or so, nothing out of the usual there though. The problem that I'm having is that nothing is selling, which may be reasonable to an extent, but when I look into things more, I don't even see my items come up in the AH at all. This is different from before considering I'm pretty sure there was a period my items would disappear because I got nothing in the mail on them. I never asked about this one because I wasn't sure what was happening at all.
  11. Lyalp

    Password change.

    When I tried doing it on my computer, I did it while logged out first, since I wasn't aware of it. No good. I then tried it after I logged in. Still nothing. I then tried it on my phone, which is always logged in and it worked.
  12. Lyalp

    Cant log in

    Has anybody gotten this resolved? I've been asking around and haven't gotten an answer on the matter.
  13. Lyalp

    Password change.

    Apparently it works only for mobile... Or so I'm getting...
  14. Lyalp

    Password change.

    So I have to change my password. I go in to the control panel, click send an email, get the email and click the link in there back to the control panel where I have to send an email... Apparently I'm doing something wrong. Help?
  15. I had put this message on under issues, and even asked through discord, and I'm still having this problem. I've just had a moment and decided to give it a try, but nothing changed. I keep signing in and being immediately disconnected. I've been trying to sign in but the game and it woild connect. but not log onto anything. It's taking me as far as 'connected' on the login only to immediately disconnect me.