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  1. Pieper

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    Oh yes the huge problem of multiboxing (not allowed) that is so prominent I've seen a total of zero. All those multiboxers padding that number. . . Yep. LOL! Either there are zero staff online or zero goldsellers and spammers due to, you know, staff banning them. In any case if you were online at all today you saw the pop spike over 2k. That's more than enough to find groups for whatever you want to do. There is no argument for merging Darrowshire due to low pop. None. You would rather play your horde on a PvP server. I get that. But it was your choice to come to Darrowshire. It's also your choice to stay there. Taking away the choice of thousands of other players to remain on a PvE server so you can have your way is a bit myopic to say the least.
  2. Right now there are 2.1K online. I hate to think what TBC will be like with 2 mashed up servers.
  3. Not twisting your words at all. You were pretty clear and it wasn't necessary for you to make your point again. Spending days trying to quest in Redridge because of constant ganks and dead NPC's isn't wasting time or griefing. But then that isn't about you.
  4. So someone who claims that being flagged all the time is fine admits that being flagged all the time isn't so fine. In fact it would be a "waste" and "griefing." Pretty much the same reasons everyone has given for not wanting to be flagged all the time.
  5. Nelythia... is this the same player who purposefully didn't flag while killing Booty Bay for rep?
  6. How long will the server be down? Can someone point me to an official announcement?
  7. Pieper


    I see no problem with matching premade with premade. That's not what you're asking for though, and that's not what's currently happening. In fact I've never seen any of you in this thread ask for premade or rank matching because you want competitive PvP. That's exactly what you don't want. You want "no effort" rewards and your singular goal is to roflstomp pugs. You want wins handed to you. You and your premade flag troll and farm the gy. Yes you do. And you want to continue to do so. Stop pretending your hand wringing is about anything else. You've become soft and spoiled. No self-respecting PvPer would ever call what you do competitive. They would barely call it PvP.
  8. Pieper

    Toxic Community

    I'm not saying there aren't toxic players on Darrowshire, but for the most part it's an amazing community. I have come across more helpful and friendly players there in a short time than I did my last five years of retail. People are always willing to help newer players with questions in WC or help others with group quests and so on. After you put the few racists and trolls on ignore it's great. If you want a good community, roll on Darrowshire. I can't say the same for Elysium so I'll just leave it at that. Also, is it my imagination or am I seeing a new influx of horde on Darrowshire?
  9. I'm not absolutely sure it is a bug. That's why I asked if this was intended.
  10. As it is now on Darrowshire you can kill guards and quest givers of the opposite faction and not flag. This means players can go to Sentinel Hill or Tarren Mill or wherever they like and kill whoever they like and there's nothing anyone can do about it. World PvP has always been a thing on normal servers and this utterly destroys any hope of that. Is this intended? Because if it is it's terrible.
  11. It gets worse every day on Elysium. WC is full of gold spammers, racists and pedophiles. I really do wish a GM would make time to go online for an hour, just an hour, and go nuts with the ban hammer.
  12. Where you can actually play. And when there are no low levels left to gank, you might actually have to learn how to play WoW. noob