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    Has anyone tried stacking +healing gear?

    I believe the taking down world boss solo was during TBC, not Vanilla. lvl 70 pet taking down Azuregos.
  2. bendanzhu

    Optimum paladin leveling rotation

    I've also experiment it abit and SoC is a little faster on average by around 4secs per mob. I gauge it by seeing how many seconds left on my seal at the end of combat. I tested with blessing of might though and i run out of mana really quick. Probably will try wisdom and see like you suggested. I have tested sanc aura and ret aura and find out that ret aura does more damage overall (I have improved ret aura as well). What about judge? Do you judge your SoR or SoC? or do you just auto attack to regain back the mana?
  3. bendanzhu

    Optimum paladin leveling rotation

    Hi guys, I've read the forums and seal of the crusader (SOTC) doesn't give the attack power on this server. The optimum rotation back in Nost was to use seal of the crusader and just auto attack as there was no downside to the seal and gave a flat attack power and attack speed increase. Barely any downtime for leveling purpose when you auto attack while regening mana. For this server, what is the most optimum rotation with minimal downtime? Meaning effciency, killing fast and use as little mana possible to go on next mobs. I've read the forums(February post) that it's better to judge crusader and then Seal of Righteousness(For weap speed <3.4) or Seal of Command (For weap speed >3.4) and just auto attack, refresh seal with blessing of wisdom. I've tried it and it felt super slow compared to seal of the crusader and auto attack. It doesn't seem right. My current rotation: Retribution aura, Blessing of Might, Seal of the Crusader and just auto attack. All mana spent is on healing (Never go oom) This used to be super good back in Nost. What's the optimum rotation in terms of Kills/hour on Elysium's client?