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  1. Hillsbrad Fields is pretty lit.
  2. ascension197

    Is there a list of gankers?

    Just hit 60. Get geared. And spend your time camping gankers. Light at the end of the shit smeared tunnel and all that.
  3. ascension197

    Worth the risk?

    If you can stomach the leveling. Sure.
  4. ascension197

    More punishment for low-level murder

    Nothing will be done. Best you can hope for is a friendly 60 to come help which they usually do because they're bored too. Not going to tell you how to spend your time but 1-2 hours on the Elysium server in particular is not going to cut it if you want to hit endgame inside of 6 months. As you've accurately observed, Elysium has a lot of high level gankers and imo is a very cancerous server in general. Anathema or Darrowshire is your best bet if your goal is endgame asap.
  5. I wouldn't go Elysium if you actually like PvP. The "world pvp" as it's called consists of you getting ganked an exceptional amount of times by players at least 15 to 20 levels higher than you. On a good day. There is no special hole in the wall zone you can hide in either. They will find you. Unfortunately it is your best option atm. Just wanted to be honest with you about what exactly you are getting into. Stay grouped and do instances and battlegrounds and you can mitigate some of the lost time.
  6. ascension197

    BC Server?!

    I just don't want to be forced into tbc by playing here.
  7. ascension197

    does the griefing calm down at all?

    It is not "fun" or "enjoyable" to be ganked relentlessly as you attempt to level on this server. No matter your group. No matter where you go. There they are with nothing better to do than to camp and grief you. It's the number one reason that 1x leveling is a major negative of these big servers. You are either lucky enough to have a 60 chaperone, and that might not even be enough, or you get camped to 60, or you stop playing.
  8. ascension197

    unhappy with the zeth kur transfers

    Alright. You go somewhere else and it's just as bad if not worse. Then what? Level an alt right? Some of us actually want to hit cap on the toons that we are playing. Some of us don't want to spend 8 months leveling to 48. I understand that this line of thinking is insanity but I'm of a mind that the game comes online when you hit cap and can do w/e it is that you want and be rewarded not limited.