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  1. Spionida

    Unable to connect

    Using that, it is impossible foreach the official servers. I think that there must be something else going on with your installation.
  2. Spionida

    Unable to connect

    Copy and paste the contents of your realmlist.wtf here.
  3. Spionida

    The administrator abuses his authority

    Google translate is very poor in translating between English and Chinese. Often, as in this case, was is written is difficult, if not impossible, to fully understand.
  4. Spionida

    Unable to connect

    If you get the official US servers then your realmlist.wtf file is wrong. Are you using a 1.12.1 client Id it in Programs, if it is move the folder out to say the desktop. Make sure that the World of Warcraft folder is not write protected, and that its contents are not also. Open the file called realmlist.wtf in the WoW folder. Make sure that its contents are set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org Nothing else, no spaces. Save it. Make sure Notepad has not added a .txt extension. There is a folder called WDB, delete that. It is cache and will be rebuilt. There is a folder called WTF, inside that is a file called Config.wtf. Delete that. Start WoW from the .exe file not the launcher. Hopefully...
  5. The rules are made by different people. I have no idea.
  6. Spionida

    Can't stay in Elysium

    There should not be a realmlist.wtf in the WTF folder.
  7. Spionida

    Account locked because of 2FA

    Your account will be locked because of too many attempts. You are advised to stick with 2FA. The misery of a hacked account is not pretty. Google Google authenticator problems Many problems are time sync problems.
  8. Spionida

    PW change

  9. Spionida

    2FA Not working

    There were login server issues a few hours ago, and a patch being applied more recently.
  10. Because we do not allow them. Not my policy, but evidently it is one.
  11. Spionida


    No, you need your account name as a basis of anything.
  12. Spionida

    Lost my account

    You need your account name and either your password or email to retrieve the other. If you have not got password or a registered email, we can not help.
  13. Spionida

    Mail issues

    Try deleting your WDB folder while out of the game. Otherwise, it may be a bug that needs attention.