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    I can also recommend keybind spells. It can make the difference in situations where it is required to act correctly in 1-2sec. The normal human reaction time is ~0,3sec, if your tired cause it's the third try on the last boss after hours of raiding, then the reaction time is >1sec. If you use the clicking way, it's maybe too late. Your missing 12 casts aren't the problem at all ;) Myself, i use the keys RDFG for walk, and 17 other keys (inclusive 6 on mouse and ctrl combos) for bindings, all around these walk-keys. And as mentioned, if there are more chars, use similar spells on the same key on every char (i.e. CC skills, heal/selfheal etc.). So far
  2. Ok thanks ;) then we see each other on my corpse :P :)
  3. I think, only by pull there lan cable it couldn't work like this, cause the char isn't logged out instantly, rather he's online for a few seconds, so dotz would tick or some melee swings can land the target. I saw it on my char, cause my dog found it very funny to play with the lan-switch and pull out the cable of the power adapter ;) and my char was infight, after relog he was dead. So only pulling out lan cable couldn't be the reason.
  4. Again a thread about “ninja looting“. There's a 20 page thread in an other subforum, and always the same senseless discussion. BoE (blue/purple) are ffa, so select Need is the fair choice for all, except another rule has been elected in the group. It sucks yes, but it isn't ninja. Deal with it B-)
  5. Bruwlar

    BC Server?!

    Thumbs up for someone uses his brain! Best solution for everyone +
  6. Ok, now i need an actual update to this problem! I'm currently lv 41 on alliance. I'm done with the ganking zone STV and go straight forward to the next ganker zones tanaris and the later 50+. And i'm really tired of running back to my corpse, it is possible to level atm in 45+ zones as alliance or is it the gank-paradise? Don't wanna waste my fucking time! *sing* And please don't give me “hints“ like level in group or grind ;) i wanna quest, cause this is what it makes attractive since 2006 :P