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  1. Mokato

    I dissconnect everytime i try to login

    Same issue, Elysium not accessible while the others are.
  2. Mokato

    Darrowshire Another crash

    Indeed, Realm Status is unavailable so it's prolly affecting all servers.
  3. Mokato

    Post Your UI #3456789

    I'm not enough experienced to code it from scratch so I used most of the Discord Collection in order to achieve my goal. My code is probably not going to impress you, sorry :p Though I'm learning .lua and .xml slowly so I can improve my UI little by little.
  4. Mokato

    Post Your UI #3456789

    This is my UI called EpicUI (because I took the same item color code from WoW), it is a work in progress since Nostalrius but I'm now able to play with it smoothly. I only need to work a bit more on the back-office (lua/xml). A few words... EpicUI is a step away from TukUI, PfUI, ElvUI and others, I wanted to make something different and build my own identity. The guidelines have been to keep it clean, refined and instinctive to use. Basically it is quite classic except for a few things like the unusual minimap put on the left and the two icons (over my Minimap and DPS Mate windows). Those two icons are acting like a signature as well as a button, the one over my minimap is displaying all my minimap addons icons and the one over DPS Mate is displaying its config window.
  5. Mokato

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Awesome Addon, I'm currently using it with the new UI I'm working on !
  6. Mokato

    Stuck on Authenticating at Login Screen. . .

    Servers right now available for me.
  7. Mokato

    Stuck on Authenticating at Login Screen. . .

    Another post has been created few minutes ago so you're not alone.
  8. Mokato


    Same issue, hopefully I'm not alone, started to get worried because of the Realm Status still showing a lot of people connected.