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    First Aid problem

    Thanks for your reply!
  2. Thrakro

    First Aid problem

    So i am lvl 42 and i have 224 in first aid. I want to do the triage quest for 300 f.a. in hinterlands, but it wont pop up. any ideas? Ps: i checked the wiki and it said that there is a prior quest to this one in org at the f.a. trainer , but i cant see that quest either.
  3. Thrakro

    Anathema loggin problems?

    Same problem here
  4. Thrakro


    Thanks for your replies!
  5. Thrakro


    So i decided to solo lvl a warrior and i need some help: what professions should i pick? Any good lvling spec? I would like to be a dps but also tank 5-man dungeons while lvling.