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  1. I wanted to ask a question expecting a serious response from (hopefully) one of the development team. I am very confused and definitely do not see the logic in nerfing multi-class gold farming locations such as DireMaul East and North. We are asked daily in game NOT to buy gold and not to using farming services but we seem to be pummeled into the ground with trying to make gold in game: as far as I am aware DM:N dogs were nerfed a few months ago and DM:E seems to have been nerfed at least twice (one to remove blue/epic drops and one to reduce drop rate of herbs and books). BRD farm has also been nerfed for mages with the clearcasting change. I am by no means as casual player. I play a holy priest, I raid twice a week and play at least 30 hours a week and I struggle to keep up a non-flask consumable list for raiding along with enchants. I spend most of my play time, outside of raiding, waiting for DM:E saves to clear. God knows what will happen when ZG and AQ hit and we are farming flasks each week as well. So is there method behind the madness in nerfing the spawns while also continuing the mantra of "Do not buy gold"? Can we have some clarity on what methods the development teams are using to protect the "Lawful Playerbase" while combating the gold farmers and gold buyers? And how "Blizzlike" is it to be nerfing the farming spawns? P.S. I do NOT want to buy gold or services. I will not and do not condone cheating! Thank you in advance
  2. I got my eye at 6pm last night and Benediction at 2am this morning. EZPZ :D
  3. Invictuslol

    Healer from the start...

    To be honest priests don't have that many offensive spells so you'll be using pretty much everything except Smite on a regular basis. Unfortunately you will definitely get the most benefit out of being shadow for this due to Holy fire doing dot damage and long cast time. Your rotation will be > Mobs your level or higher: Holy fire > SW:P > Mind Blast > Renew > Wand til dead. Mobs lower than your level: Mind Blast > SW:P > Renew > Wand til dead. The benefits you gain from shadow are undeniably better and it's the spec of choice for a reason. Also healing in instances as shadow is just as easy as Holy however you won't be able to run as a dps if your holy spec so you'll be putting yourself out of a dps roll option for instances. That being said, you can level as Holy with damaging talents but you will still want Spirit tap from shadow and Wand spec from disc. It'll just be slower for an already slow class and a lot more casting and mana breaks.
  4. Invictuslol

    Tailoring + ?

    Actually I love going tailoring/herby. It's a brilliant of gold, consumables and gear at max level. One thing that is essential though is levelling a bank character to level 5 so it can get enchanting (for disenchanting greens). A lvl1 enchanting skill is enough to disenchant all the greens in game. So Tailor/herb and bank chat with disenchanting = BiS items and gold making opportunities from Tailor, Gold making or gold saving from herbalism (lvl60 is welcome to World of Consumablecraft) and gold through progression and materials for buying enchants.
  5. I am currently leveling my first character on the Elysium project and am currently level 33 spriest. Tanks arnt that hard to find for content.... But good tanks are rare as rocking horse shit. Sure warriors are main tanks for raiding end game, but druids offtank in raids. Personally I think druids and pallys make better 5man tanks than warriors but maybe that's because I've not grouped with any that good yet? As for healing, if you have heals then you can heal an instance. Druids and paladins need a second gear set with int if your leveling feral/ret. Priests can level as shadow and heal perfectly well (especially if you use Spirit Tap procs to your advantage). Personally I would say roll a druid. They are extremely versatile, strong in groups, strong solo and good for pvp. Level as feral but keep a int/spirit set of gear from quests and boe greens/leather working. You'll be able to tank/heal and dps instances. You'll find raiding spots as a healer mainly but boomkin and feral both have their place in 40 man raids.
  6. Invictuslol

    Mining 100-125 is slow!

    @Yunogasai I cant believe how many times I've linked this is the past 2 weeks but bellow is a link to a thread under the UI, Addons and Macro's section. On page 1, third comment from the bottom you will link a download link to a FULL database for the Gatherer mod. On page 2 (by the same guy) is a "how to" guide to installing this database into the mod. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/34639-request-gatherer-with-full-database/ Once you have this installed and up and running life will become infinitely easier, you'll be able to press "M" for map, see all the silver viens in your zone and be able to run straight to them to see if the nodes are available or not! Easymode farming/leveling!
  7. Invictuslol

    Un-nerf farms?

    @flowqz Actually it wasn't even a conscious decision, it is a bug https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/50104-herb-spawn-buff-is-gone/
  8. Invictuslol

    Un-nerf farms?

    There are 3 servers as part of the Elysium project. I know they are on different patches but all your problems seem to be based around a overloaded player base? Surely you'd be better off rerolling to one of the less populated servers? There is still full raiding and PvP opportunities on the servers. Ideally it would be perfect for one of the other two servers be chosen to take a third of the player base from Elysium? In truth I have been thinking the similar though; leveling 20-30 this weekend has been rough and I've had to devote at least 4/5 hours into herbalism to keep its level in harmony with my player level and questing zones. This can get frustrating with a distinct lack of nodes to level up on (let alone trying to farm for money!). But then the answer for me is to reroll now, before getting too settled on Elysium. Its definitely a very complicated issue on how to balance it though, the answer is not as simple as, "Up the drop rates and respawn rates"
  9. What level did you get to and what class did you role? Unfortunately it is a little awkward to level like this, especially as I am leveling my first character on the server. Effectively I have to split my time between two characters as we will not always be online at the same time, meaning I have to have a character to level with you and one to level when you arn't online... ....That being said, I would be interested in leveling a warrior if you rolled a healer class. I would have preferred to start as a warrior origionally but was discouraged by the hardship of "solo leveling" as a warrior. Regarding my experience, I have played WoW on and off since release. I stopped playing retail just before MoP came out though due to the cheapening of the game. My game knowledge is good, my player skill is maybe slightly above average and I'd be happy to get on discord with you.
  10. Invictuslol

    Also not able to log on.

    Have been reading up on troubleshooting and The Beginner's Guide for an hour or two now. Redownloaded the client from Elysium Play page and used recommended program to UnZip which was much smoother than previous attempt so thank you for that. Modified new Realmlist.WTF and made sure to change router settings to allow the app full access for the wow.exe. Still cant log in. I have a feeling this may be an issue with my account and account not being recognised as I still cant use the "Control Panel" page of the Elysium Project home page and also I am 95% sure I remedied any issues from my end.
  11. Invictuslol

    Also not able to log on.

    After a night of issues, downloading and installing the client I am now unable to log in. As far as I am aware my account with Elysium is all completed, Email is confirmed and google Authenticator is set up. I have double and triple checked the Realmlist.WTF to ensure that is correct. And I am definitely using WoW.exe and NOT the Launcher. It does however seem that I cant log in to the "Control Panel" in the Elysium Project home page, is this significant? I have not played before (so haven't ever logged in before) so not even sure what is going on, whether the client is down or whether my account hasn't been "created" for long enough... I have no idea.
  12. Invictuslol

    Having a bad time downloading!

    Sorry for the spam, have fixed my own issue. It was a continuation of the origional UnZip problem where I'd just made a silly mistake in not deleting some of the content that had Unzipped before the process was corrupted and stopped. I had assumed that the "Data" folder had UnZipped in entirety but unfortunately it hadn't! Sorry again !
  13. Invictuslol

    Having a bad time downloading!

    Ok, so partly my issue is that I have just bought this PC to play Elysium so apps and drivers have had to be downloaded on the run.... BUT.... I have had a major issue with the Windows version of the World of Warcraft download. For starters I couldnt even UnZip the entire folder due to an error in the "Errors" folder. I fixed this by just UnZiping the rest of the folder and adding another folder afterwards named "Errors". However, now I have an error in actually launching the game.... The WoW Launcher will load however it appears bugged out with all the pictures not loading and as soon as I click Play the launcher crashes with: "ERROR #134 (0X85100086) Fatal Condition Failed to open archive model.MPQ:The system cannot find the file specified." I have tried loading the Launcher and Wow.exe launcher as administrator and also going to my antivirus and giving complete access to the whole folder. Anyone know a fix for this? Bit annoyed with the torrent of disappointment so far, just want to get playing!