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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently playing on Elysium alliance side and find the BG level terrible while having very very few premade. I hit g13 with hunt and g12 with mage but I want to try on Anathema maybe and would highly appreciate a feedback from you guys. What side is the best for BG? Are the queue time long for NA? Is there any "high" pvp guild? Cheers amigos
  2. Hi there, I wanted to know if there was a good ally team that was looking for a holy paladin? I stopped playing WoW 2 years ago but basically played since vanilla, got a r13 hunter, r11 mage at that time, then went glad on hunter, and multiples glad on my sham. I also was in the first guild to cleaned AX40 and beginning on Naxx on my server (Khaz Modan - FR) Peace
  3. kzn

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    Hi guys, since all you want to do in PvP is supporting/healing and lasting as long as possible I thought about that spec which is 31/20/0 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sVxuRgotvMt0c What would you recommend me? Cheers!