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  1. ^this. Giving an Accuria to a feral druid over a main raid tank. That's not only unfortunate, it's just disgusting. Why is there even a feral druid in raid while it's not ZG patch? Oh wait, he's an officer
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    This isn't help at all, you just sent me to a site with even more complaints about ingame mail issues. PLEASE FIX
  3. I mailed back several stacks of Gromsblood from my alt character "Dotfearme" to my main character "Letmetankpls". However, the mails with stacks of gromsblood, which I pressed the button "return" on, never arrived back to Letmetankpls. Whilst other mail before and after those mails DID arrive. This is very frustrating aswell as disturbing because a lot of people are counting on this for flask crafting. PLEASE HELP ASAP! Kind regards
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    The Truth about <Entropy>

    Whilst browsing through the PvE threads with the release of BWL, I came along this thread. I am -however strange it might sound- not surprised by this. I remember attending AAO's first MC raid as a guild, with me being the only pug. They asked me to go fury dps and tank OT on Garr/Sulfurion which wasn't any problem for me at the time. When I discussed loot rules with Garun and Milkabull, they told me T1 was reserved to tank, since I was joining as fury, I would only be eligible on dps gear (which, again, was perfectly fine with me). However when the raid eventually started and I got invited, Skankunt approached me. I was being informed that he was an officer so I took his opinion as serious as other leadership. Whilst just making sure he was aware of the loot rules that were being discussed with Garun and Milkabull earlier, we ended up having the following conversation: I saved these screenshots while the conversation took place during the raid. Luckily, nothing I could use dropped for me, so I didn't have to leak any of these screenshots to expose Skankunt before. However with him being GM of Entropy atm, I didn't doubt a second to let the whole server know that this guy is not to be trusted. If he promised you a fair loot council, you might aswell /gquit now imo. Anyone is free to whisper me in game for more referrals of how this guy is making 39 other people waste their time for his own purpose.