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    Emberweave Leggings - Why D/E?

    Let the fools be fools, no need to wake them up.
  2. syS69

    Development Update 19.07.2017

    Keep up fellas!
  3. syS69

    How to save Anathema

    You should really do a long introspection on yourself and become aware of your behavior and attitude. I kind of remember you from Feenix and even tho many years passed you still do not realize that most of the conflicts you are noticing are the creations of your own distorted psyche. There is nothing inappropriate in Thari's response. And to be 'on topic': Advertise it, sign the server on the 'gaming top private servers' websites (without a vote points shop), because the mere fact of having a banner there does not hurt, but on the contrary. Back to the 'old ways', there's no need for fancy videos of the server since most of the players in Classic World of Warcraft are grown ups now. Meh
  4. syS69

    România - subiect de discuție - Hoardă

    Careva care are de gând să înceapă pe realm-ul Elysium? că mi-ar prinde bine un pocket healer :)) gon' roll a warr @ Horde