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  1. Savλnt

    Getting repeatedly disconnected

    Hello, i am currently having a problem where after like 15 minutes of playing in a BG the game freezes (just like when the server goes down) and i get randomly disconnected. After this i try to reconnect but it gets stuck on 'Connected' and i have to wait like 15 minutes to enter again. I've already checked my internet and it works fine, so i'm sure it's not an internet problem. I'm not sure if this is a server-side problem or what and i'd like to know. Thanks.
  2. Savλnt

    Banned on Discord General Chat...

  3. These are really good wallpapers, congrats man!
  4. Savλnt

    Music Thread

    90s chilean Hip-Hop
  5. Savλnt

    BlizzardPlates question

    I got it from the Github Vanilla Addons thread
  6. Savλnt

    BlizzardPlates question

    Hello, I just installed the addon and now the health shows up in the target frame (looks like this), but it still shows a percentage in the other. Do I need to configure something?
  7. Hello, I've recently downloaded the addon BlizzardPlates and I can't make the hp bar show the real hp in numbers, it only shows a percentage. I've checked all of the settings of /blizzardplates but the showhp one only shows the percentage. My hp bar looks like this and i want it to look like this. Can someone please help me?
  8. Savλnt

    I dissconnect everytime i try to login

    Now it's happening again, Elysium offline while Darrowshire and Anathema work perfectly fine
  9. Savλnt

    I dissconnect everytime i try to login

    Same problem, i'm stuck in "Connected" and then it disconnects. Apparently the only server that's not working is Elysium, I can log in and play in Darrowshire and Anathema perfectly fine