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  1. I think "git gud" would've been just as valuable as a response. I guess the forums account for the majority of the player base.
  2. That's surprising then this is peak hours. I believe the population does cap at around 10k but I know for an absolute fact, more than once, I have seen the realm status page show more than 10k, never recall seeing it 11k however. Regardless 8-10k players is an over populated server. No argument can be made against that. With over population comes problems. But lets ignore the fact the people actually value level 22 twinks because they can gank so easily, they dont even need WSG 10-19 or 20-29 in order to use their twink. This is not retail. This is an issue. Im glad you had no problem leveling, that's not the case for everyone.
  3. Are you blind or just dumb? Pretty sure 12pm EST on a Wednesday is not peak hours for Elysium and there are 8k people on right now. And how many new fresh 60's do you see? as someone else said later leveling areas are much more relaxed and certain areas are not over populated that you can move to. But major and sometimes necessary questing locations are way over populated. Majority of those are low level areas because people start these new characters and eventually say fuck this to the ganking. I can deal with the occasional gank and obviously expect world pvp on a pvp server. But when im venturing out to do a quest, and I EXPECT to be ganked multiple times, theres a problem with that. Go to another area? sure its either over populated and ganked as well, or theres no meaningful quests in the area. Struggling with STV? Oh go do all 5 quests in Arathi Basin till 40. Genuius idea.
  4. The level 60 ganking is a problem. Is it Blizzlike? sure it is. But not to the extreme that is happening right now. It is NOT blizzlike to have 10k+ players on one PvP server. That high population is the obvious reason why there are so many complaints on ganking. It simply deters people from playing on the server eventually. I loved every minute of this server until I got to Redridge, Duskwood, and eventually crawled into STV. Redridge and STV I expected ganking. I expected Nessignway camp to be practically a horde or alliance town depending who controls it. I expected Lakeshire in Redridge to be completely demolished half the time. This was blizz-like at times. But what is happening on Elysium is not what I experienced on retail AT ALL. The fact you can gank is blizz-like. The fact that you can gank and kill 20-30 lowbies in less than 10 minutes is NOT blizz-like.
  5. Stayhi

    Hello Staff.

    Either you were chat banned which I have no idea how long that lasts for, or you were below level 10. To try and help prevent spammers, trolls, gold buyers, they require your character to be at least level 10 before they can chat. the only exception is Party chat and I believe guild chat as well.
  6. Funny, ive ran through Stonetalon twice now. Not only did I only see about 4-5 horde there, I saw only one Ally traveling to desolace as well. Place seems pretty barren to me. Also seems like quite an annoying place to level. But its actually quite comical if youre trying to compare Stonetalon to Redridge...Redridge just sucks to level in. Im used to the pvp leveling scene from retail, but not to this 10k player extent. It just gets annoying, not even being ganked by level 60's but the groups of hordes in STV because thats apparently the only way to level on this server, in groups.
  7. Stayhi

    Warlock pet question?

    They auto attack once you send them out to attack. But to make them use spells, you have to right click the spell so that your pet will use that spell on cool down (if it has one) I take it youre having issues with the Imp? His fireball is not an auto attack. Its a spell with no cooldown. If you right click the spell, the Imp will auto cast Fireball every time he can when instructed to attack (or is set on Defensive/Aggressive)
  8. Stayhi

    Professions dilemma

    Skinning might be more time consuming than actually making profit, but its really really easy to level while also leveling your character. So any money you would get from that I suppose would be a plus. And if you for some reason really wanted skinning later on, getting back up to 300 once youre 60 is a breeze. If you're willing to take the time and invest the money to level engineering then go for it. But you'll likely find yourself short on gold for a mount and maybe even some training. Id personally suggest waiting to pick up engineering when youre close to 60, and just quickly level it up to 300 then. To much time, work, and money to keep Engineering up with leveling. I would go Skinning/Mining. Just drop Skinning once you're around 60 for engineering.
  9. Stayhi

    BWL ID Reset

    Because they're above the law.
  10. That's considered the money maker for low level mats. Peacebloom sells for like 5 silver for a stack of 20. Same for light leather maybe a little bit more. Medium leather is less than 20 silver im pretty sure. Surprisingly Silversleaf was going for something like 50 silver for a stack of 20, but I dont believe that "profit" will last. It's only very very certain mats that have any sort of meaningful value. I heard silver sells for a decent amount, and id assume gold along with that. Swiftthistle sells I think for like 25s for one. Money making on the AH is pretty limited until you can effectively farm whats in demand.
  11. Are Warlocks really in such a demand? I picked one up afetr struggling to solo lvl as a warrior. Their DPS seems really low and I know there's a limit to how many dots can be applied to bosses and what not. So how effective is their DPS really? or are they more valued for their SoulStone and possibly other abilities? Ive been looking at raid comps, and like a few other classes, Warlocks are usually at a limited amount. Meanwhile warriors could make up for 1/4 of the raid and I dont think anyone would really be upset (besides the warriors)
  12. Wouldnt around ratchet be a good place to pick off some people? Ally swarm there. Whether going to or from Night Elf area or to run RFK, RFD, WC and BFD. Theres certainly a number of ally there and the mobs around are pretty low by Ratchet. Maybe Im not understanding your post exactly. But you want a low level pvp area to effectively gank without having to worry about accidental XP? And yes you are looking to gank because if you are a twink, you obviously know anyone within your level range is absolutely no threat to you at all. I get wanting to twink...I dont get wanting to twink on a server where the whole vanilla concept really does not play a factor one bit.
  13. If you have to collect anything from the mobs (excluding a named mob/boss), you dont share the same loot with your party. So say you need 10 wolf flanks for a quest and you're in a group of 2 people. You would need 20 Wolf Flanks in order to complete the quest for the both of you. Also if I have been working on a quest, depending on my mood, if im just a few kills away from being complete I wont accept an invite to a group that might just be starting the quest.
  14. Id appreciate a new list. Newcomer to this server was hoping to find a bunch of active guilds here advertising. But I have no idea which of these are still active or even still technically a guild.
  15. Stayhi

    Atlasloot not working

    The few that I did click on, I had no problem revealing them. Strange they have to do this now though...I remember years ago, when I first used this addon, they did not have any issue like this. I would keep trying with different items, maybe its only a certain few that youve tried that are bugged. If there's still a problem, id try deleting and redownloading the addon. Maybe from a different location or update.