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    account banned??

    disregard...found the ban appeals section. sorry
  2. Croberts5651

    account banned??

    been away...just came back and downloaded the new TBC client ๐Ÿ˜โ€ฆ...go to login...says my account is banned??
  3. Croberts5651


    update: so to get the totem from aquementas after killing him youre supposed to have the 11 silver claws the book AND the irontree heart from the back back that the quest giver gives you....when I opened the back pack its just the book and the claws and no iron tree heart....which was a similar issue with the searing gorge quest that was supposed to give me the molt...when I opened the chest from quest giver it was a couple health and mana pots and some cheese...โ€ฆ.no molt ๐Ÿ˜’ if theres a way for a GM to assist with these 2 quest issues id greatly appreciate it as it is stalling my grind because theyre both links in a chain of quests
  4. Croberts5651


    is this quest working properly?? yes im in the circle, ive summoned and killed him 3 times now and am not getting the quest item. also had an issue with the quest in searing gorge it never gave me the black dragonflight molt from the quest and I require that molt for a quest in burning steppes now.... please assist
  5. Croberts5651

    cant find the launcher anymore?

    ya theyre not working...looks like ill have to figure out how to use torrents ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  6. Croberts5651

    cant find the launcher anymore?

    sooo i havnt played in a couple months on my laptop...went to go log in and when i went to the elysium file all have in there is the following folders... Data, Errors, Interface, Logs, WDB, WTF everything else that was in there...the launcher and the other files are gone. i figured what the hell, and just tried to re-download the files from here and neither the elysium or the nostalrius links are working. Anyone know whats up here? or does anyone have a working download link??
  7. Croberts5651

    anyone having trouble logging in?

    haha thanks glad I'm not the only one. just recently hit 60 too...damn shame
  8. just curious..site says the server is online, but I cant log in