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    Another AV lose fest

    except that 3-4 mages on alliance can completely ruin any backdoor attempt by horde.
  2. Which is what I don't want, which is why I don't play. Allowing a transfer (hell even just 1 character) would make it much more desirable for me to play on these servers again. You may enjoy 9k pop, and im happy for you. I do not, and many others do not and would love a transfer.
  3. I would transfer to the pve server from elysium pvp in a heartbeat if they let me. Actually, I would happily transfer off elysium to either of the other servers if they let me. I chose elysium pvp for the timeline, I didn't understand they were merging ZK to the server at the time, so with the population hike I don't even play anymore because the experience with 9k people on a pvp server is absolutely garbage. A lower pop pvp server, or pve server would be much better IMO, but I don't have the time to level another character so I continue to not play any of the servers at all.
  4. There is a third option. I want to actually have fun and enjoy my time here, which will influence my desire to donate so much to the point that Im willing to pay for a service that even blizzard (cough blizzlike experience cough) offered. I'm also not withholding anything from them by voicing an opinion and offering my own suggestions in a thread located in the suggestion area of these forums...
  5. I see a solution to two problems here. Problem one: they need money for better hardware for all 3 servers (and the PTE servers moving forward). Problem two: Severe population imbalance between two servers. Hmm.. Ive got it! Allow donations for transfers off the stupidly overpopulated server to the server that is underpopulated. I would pay to have my 60 off Elysium because the server is just not fun anymore, and I really don't want to level even more toons on a server where its almost impossible to find groups.