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    Development Update 04.10.2017

    So... still no dismiss pet fix for Elysium? Can we have the macro back while you cba to fix something that pisses every hunter and buffer off? (and hunter wallets)
  2. Dexiefy

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    Lets sum this up. Someone uses the script in a bg where it has literally no impact on the situation -> you outlaw the script. Then you break the script. But in the end, you never actually fix pet pathing (which causes plethora of pet deaths that are unavoidable at times without that damn script) or fix dismiss pet to not remove all pet buffs... I really would love to know your way of thinking on this one... Cause its borderline retarded.
  3. Dexiefy

    Alliance plebs in AV

    You guys do realize that some people play FOR FUN? if they enjoy large scale bg like AV, want to see 30 vs 30 battles or whatnot, thats the only place they can get it. They do not care for rep or honor per hour. Maybe they want to tame rams for 10 minutes to get cavalry going? maybe they want to see ivus/lok go at it? maybe they want to play av the way it was deisgned to be played? Ever tought of that? or you are such entitled snowflake that you think the way you play is the only way? If all you enjoy is filling up a rep bar then you are lost... and probably should move on to a different game that will offer you more than just filling up a bar. Also if you expect 39 other people playing for your convinience, you should not play mmo's at all and just stick to single player games. In the end, it seems that alliance simply had fun in that bg, while typical ud player raged his ass off, cause he cant fill his addiction bar quickly. 10/10