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    Started a hunter, need some advice

    Morning all, So I started a hunter on anathema, and I've never played one before (though I've throughly read many guides). I do have a few questions though, mainly pertaining to the server. So lupus isn't supposed to deal shadow damage anymore on the current patch, but I still see people wanting to tame him, why is that? Did they not patch that part in? Also do pets scale with stats on this server? Seems that some servers do and some don't. And outside the normal vanilla pet system is there anything else I should know that may be specific to this server? Apologies for the potentially dumb questions. I just like to plan ahead.
  2. Phemeto

    Email already used?

    Morning everyone, so I'm having issues making an account. It says my email is already in use, but when i try to reclaim a password using the email, it says its not in use....so...im stuck in a loop here. any ideas?