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  1. Feit

    New Tank Build

    Thanks for the detailed reply undertaker. Very informative. I enjoyed the read, I didn't think mine were viable specs but I wanted to get some info on them, how they would or wouldn't work and the benefits of your builds. Curious though about the stance dancing you mentioned. Why use thunderclap in a 5 or 10 man instance? Doesn't it create like no threat and in raid gear, even in pre raid Bis mobs don't hit too hard for the debuff to be that necessary, or am I missing something here? Also why the extra points in improved HS in a couple of builds, been reading a lot of posts here and isn't a very slow hard hitting weap the way to go? How would that help? And lastly I was reading stuff everywhere, on other forums too, just trying to gather as much info as I could and I read a post on the crestfall forums discussing exactly what you were talking about with the stance dancing and WW and a lot of the people on there seemed against the idea of stance dancing, to quote one of the posts; "Here's a more concrete example: you Charge in, swap to Berserker Stance, get to the mobs and wait half a second to WW. You then go into Defensive Stance and then start using your prot abilities. So let's say 300 dmg a hit: you generate 240 threat on the Skull about 1 second after the Charge, then you WW 1.5 seconds after the Charge for 960 threat, swap to DStance and lane first threat ability (1200 threat). If you used Berserker Rage before the pull, that means less than 5 seconds left on it when you enter DStance. If you use it before going into DStance, you'll have generated a whooping 1420 threat in 6 seconds (2 autos, 4 WW). I Charge in, go into Berserker Stance mid charge and hit Berserker Rage. I hit Skull and generate about 100 threat. I swap to DStance with a bit more than 9 seconds left on Berserker Rage, auto attack Skull again, Shield Slam the second target, Heroic Strike the third and Revenge the fourth. Total of 290ish threat on Skull, about 750 on the second target (Shield Slam), 450ish on the third target (Heroic Strike) and about 490 on the fourth target. Total of 1980 threat in 4 seconds. I Taunt the Skull during the swap back to DStance during the Berserker Rage GCD and then slap a Conc Blow on it. By then I have a full rage bar and a few seconds left on my Berserker Rage so I can still throw in another 3-4 HS before my rage starts going down." Just curious on what you thought of his take vs the stance dance.
  2. Feit

    New Tank Build

    Hi guys, iv played this game for years but new to tanking and was playing around with different builds. I know threat is very important, especially if you wanted to do quick runs so I came up with this build http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LhhxzhbZVVZViz0eMo The thinking is max tps. I could go with the more standard tanking builds to start; this would be a build for later on once raids were on farm. With anger management couldn't I just keep pooling rage? When pooling rage can't I dump more Revenge>Sunder/HS I know there's no shield slam which is the number one threat ability. But with this build I feel like I would be making up for that by generating a lot more rage I can dump into other abilities less costly. If impale mostly affects shield slam, would this then be a better alternative? http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LhbxzZVV0V0LZViz0e No imp shield block because again, from a tps perspective just how useful is it really? I feel like the only time you would actually really need to use shield block would be twin emps? Just a thought, this is just a hypothetical build and just curious what ya think.