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  1. HansCakeStealer

    Another AV lose fest

    I'm sure that's what needs to be done.... moving on
  2. HansCakeStealer

    Another AV lose fest

    Stop with the tough guy routine plz, this version of AV is no where near favored for Alliance, perhaps if you played Alliance you would know that.
  3. HansCakeStealer

    Another AV lose fest

    How insightful, if you're going to post at least bring something constructive to say please. Yea exactly, this notion that 4 frost mages are going to sit on the back door every game that's a pug is laughable. Like I said in an earlier post if you want to keep the back door to Stormpike that's fine let the horde bypass 3 Alliance towers. But Alliance still have to ride past 4 towers, LT's, IBGY guards, and horde to reach RH, this is hardly balanced. Devs could simply remove Land mines and make things a hell of alot more balanced then it is now.
  4. HansCakeStealer

    Another AV lose fest

    TYPICAL Alliance PUG AV BG, but we can pretend everything is working as intended
  5. HansCakeStealer

    <Sanctum> ZG Afterparty

    It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again
  6. HansCakeStealer

    Another AV lose fest

    Obviously the Devs are fine with the backdoor entrance that's fine it's obviously not what Blizzard intended or they would of had no reason to even make the bridge entrance. But if your going to allow a large chunk of defenses to be skipped by one faction then do the same for Alliance either remove land mines all together which would make life better for both factions or remove the two abominations and the 80000 NPCs that patrol in the small bottleneck near IBGY..
  7. HansCakeStealer

    Another AV lose fest

    If I'm reading this right you are saying you lost 3 of 20 games, then you mention EVEN as Alliance you can easy win. Basically you made my point that horde are dominating AV I understand you play horde so your biased as I would be too, but lets not kid ourselves you face one hurdle as Horde and you are inside the Alliance base.
  8. HansCakeStealer

    Another AV lose fest

    No you didn't not in a pug This has nothing to do with anything Exactly its so easy for horde to wipe Alliance riding between IBT and TP that unless you have a large group few will survive going South. If you're horde you have 1 tower to pass then your home free to SPGY that's bullshit.
  9. HansCakeStealer

    Another AV lose fest

    If you're going to let Horde continue to bend the rules in AV, and not fix any of the mechanics for Alliance riding South for example the millions of NPCs then every mindless pug on the horde side will continue to win with little effort, while Alliance are butchered before they can even reach IBGY. Shouldn't require Alliance premades every time to win while Horde easily surpass a massive chunk of Alliance defense. It completely demoralizes Alliance to the point few even try anymore except to kill Galv
  10. I think you misunderstood my question, I'm just asking what parts of the original 1.7 patch will be implemented? Will we see any patch notes before Saturday?
  11. I'm just curious how much of the original 1.7 patch from Blizzard will be used in this coming Elysium "1.7"? I know there's already pieces in the game now from 1.7 but as far as like class changes and items.
  12. HansCakeStealer

    Specs on the server hardware?

    Pretty sure its a hamster wheel
  13. Why would anyone be for an exploit? Some people on here I just don't get it people who volunteer getting shit on from people who are giving nothing
  14. HansCakeStealer

    Dissconnect from server

    I found unplugging my router and Modem for a few seconds to fix my connection issue maybe it will help someone else.
  15. HansCakeStealer

    What's needed / Alliance / Classwise

    Its crazy how many warriors, druids, and pallys I pass but none are tanks or willing to respec