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    how do i calculate my +hit needed from gear?

    thanks for the reply hummi. reason why i was so confused is because if i look at "bis gear" tables, they all show many +hit items, so i dont understand it if all i need is +1(2) hit from gear. i mean, hit is always good, but after yellow cap, crit should be better than hit, as long as you dont get over your crit cap. right?
  2. theres room for anything, me myself have had np getting guild or getting into really good pug groups, with nothing better than pre raid bis.
  3. Hello Elysium rogues. im very confused about what to believe and what not to.. every rogue i have talked to say something different. i know the standard answer is +9. but is that besides the +5 from precision and +3 from 305 weapon skill? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GTvFx_mjz8(3:30)) does 305 weapon skill indeed give a bonus of +3 hit? and if answer is yes, i count +8 hit from talent tree, does that mean i only need to find +1 hit from gear to be yellow hit capped? i really hope to get some feedback on this, caus ive really run into an dead end. Alberte, Peace!.
  4. alberte

    autoloot is bugged?

    i've seen AT LEAST 5 blue world drops in the fast loot table and when i check my loot chat it does'nt say i looted it, and its not in my bag, same thing happens from time to time when i skin (with shift+mouse1) loot i contacted a GM he told me he could do nothing for me, and i should seek help here. and when i say at least 5 blue world drops that what i'm 100% sure of, i don't even wanna think about what i havnt gotten because of that bug. my game is clean installed. first and foremost i write this because i cannot play with this loot disapearing anymore, my heart is breaking. second, is there any chance of me actualy getting the items i fairly should've gotten but did'nt caus of bug? i really hope for a fast answer and a helpfull one. this is REALLY making me sad lastly i just want to add, that the item just disapears because i have been able to skin the mob afterwards sometimes, where the item goes, only god knows.