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  1. I know MMORPGs and generally speaking RPGs and specially Blizzard ones relies heavily on RNG, from the countless Mephisto runs I made back in the day to gear properly to nightmarish Baal runs I made to finally call it quits after eleven years or so...but today...oh my boy today... I think I topped bad luck or should I say an excersice of patience. I am talking about the enchant "Crusader", every vanilla warrior's sweet dream, to finally enchant that badass weapon you got from running that Raid you have been working for quite some time... My story is no different, after I was trying to farm some Runecloth and upping my 2H swords skill by pure luck (you see the irony in this) I stumped against a Taran Icebreaker In awe I immediately equipped my first purple only to later discover that it went all downhill from there, next step was upping (ugh!) my 2H Maces Skill from 0 to 300 to start inflicting some pain, then I get greedy and put my focus on Crusader, and that was the reason of this post. At first I looked on the database for my chances against the drop, then I gathered the necessary information of which mobs to farm, naturally I joyed at the though that it would be an easy task seeing as how the mobs were plain standard non-elites mobs. Sure I was worried at the very low chance to drop and also because it was only this Spellbinder mob which there are only 8 or 9 of them in all the WORLD... 3457 Kills after and my mind totally numbed I decide to recheck my sources and indeed the percentage of drop was very low to be more precise at 0.18%, but I never imagined that after this so many kills the damn formula wouldn't drop... Finally, as all things had to come to an end an by the time I reached 3825 Kills according to my mob counter addon I managed to put and end to this hunt, what was the worst bad RNG you experienced? for me it was this formula farming...
  2. Marcelo20XX

    Just plain bad RNG

    Hmm interesting, this beat my story by far, some really awful bad RNG you had here my friend... On a side note, I remember on retail while trying to get my Rogue's Tier Chestpiece from Kaelthas, Ashes of Alar dropped then to the excitement of the group we followed with the accustomed rolling and I beat everyone rolls on it, needless to say I was savoring my new mount when the Raid Leader began telling us his story about how he wanted the mount and how he was practically farming the instance in the hopes one day it will drop, then he asked me nicely if I would pass on it but I politely declined his offer... After a brief moment of awkward silence he Master Looted the mount and logout, never again would I see the mount dropped until I quit retail for good...
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    Can't launch WoW.exe

    It happens the same for me, whenever I first launch WoW.exe it show as a running process on the TaskManager but it doesn't start, then I manually close the app and start it a second time and it works, by searching on a bunch of new and old forums, this was a known issue of the Vanilla Client (TBC and above didn't seem affected by this) without any fix for Windows 7 OSes, it doesn't happen on XP, never found a fix for this, only closing the app and starting it a second time...
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    How to make vanilla better

    But all these changes and more can be made! the catch, its pertain to your idea "its MODING" so like all mods it ultimately belong to the offline section, so you will sacrifice the online component to play a game tailored to your taste, as this can be varied from person to person we always strive for a Classic Blizzlike Experience as a base, then we can branch the project to our heart's desire, for example on my test server I made the following changes: -- Mounts like 3.3.5a, that means you can have your 60% mount at level 20 and the epic one at level 40 -- Some class specific changes like the ones you are mentioning. i.e: Warrior retaliation like its 3.3.5 counterpart, that means a 5 min cooldown but time reduced to 12 secs and only 20 charges, seems a no brainer for me since it really sucked longer CDs on vanilla -- And so on... The thing is obviously you will play SOLO or like I do, play it with some family and friends a different flavour of Vanilla...
  5. I installed a local copy of the Elysium server and leveled two characters to 60. One is an Affliction Warlock with Tailoring and Enchanting and the other is a Beastmaster Hunter with Skinning and Leatherworking. So far they are fresh in term of gear, is there anyway I can farm any instance for gear, currently I only successfully farmed the Scarlet Monastery and tried to get geared with my professions. The lock had the complete Shadoweave Set and currently farming mats for the Robe of the Winter Night. What are your recommendations, also I plan to level a third char to tank, a Warrior but this will take time... I will try to Multibox but this can be tricky so I dont know...
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    Getting geared as a SOLO player

    Many thanks friend...
  7. Marcelo20XX

    Getting geared as a SOLO player

    Ok thanks, that some helpful info right there, I will see If I can dig some more info and videos on SOLO farming Maraudon, also do you know of any gear that is somewhat useful that one can get via professions, one of them I found is the Robe of the Winter Night because I got the pattern on my very first kill of that elite dragon on Winterspring and now I am farming mats for my Lock and mage Robes, is there any other item that is similarly easy to obtain or I am better farming instances... I read that the Devilsaur's set are good enough for hunters and rogues and it requires only minimal farming and a leatherworker... Btw some serious skill right there from your hunter friend although later he claimed that it was fixed and is currently impossible to do the run on Elysium, I am tempted to revert the commits that fixed that farming but I feel like is somehow cheating :(
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    Getting geared as a SOLO player

    No man, you didn't understand a thing! First I don't game anymore, I was a wow emu dev once, I know pretty much the inside of every core to the point I just hate coding anymore, I was with the emu scene since the Burlex era. Today I just want to relax and just play the game since I spent years fixing DB and core bugs on every project that popped (Ascent, ArcEmu, Mangos, etc) instead of playing the damn game, that's why although I know the inner workings of the game I don't know a thing of the leveling process (thanks god the Vanilla Guide addon exists) and the gearing process like most of you Vanilla Veterans... I am not interested in any other game, WoW is the last game I will play since now I have a job and a family and I don't have time to spare, I play WoW just for pure nostalgia and because I owe that to me... For what is worth, I leveled those characters legally without using any shortcuts or raising any rates on the configs files just to experience for the first time what is one of the best RPG of all time and I had a blast reaching to 60 with those chars, although the world felt empty without the online component but my shitty internet didn't allow me to join you guys, I had horrible pings that make playing online impossible... Uff, rant mode off, as I said is there any kind soul that could help me with some recommendations, I saw a vid on youtube about a hunter farming the Tribute North of DM but I cant even get to that point because I needed a key that I couldn't obtain solo...
  9. Marcelo20XX

    Is there a list of gankers?

    Its part of the game, also its expected when you join a PvP server. Was the reason I became skilled at PvP on Vanilla (revenge is one hell of a drug) aside for taking breaks from raiding. My advice is, if you know you will get ganked, join a PvP guild or have friends who you can call whenever they are trying to camp you for too long, last but not least first level a class with stealth capabilities like a rogue or druid as your main, that way you can switch to your main if the thing get serious, worked me on Vanilla era as I had always at least 2 friends who were eager to join the PvP fun...
  10. Marcelo20XX

    Can mage to reach lvl 60 nonstop for 5 days?

    Please consider the case of that chinese player that died from exhaustion on a Blizz game too for playing only 48hours straight, aside from that little detail I wish you good luck...
  11. The solution to the OP problem is quite simply, install a local copy of the Elysium server and please SET GM permissions to your daughters account so they can tune up their skills on your local server, then and only if you feel they are prepared play on the live realms...
  12. Marcelo20XX

    Is there a legal Ground Clutter Mod to use?

    Thats because there is no Ground Clutter command in Vanilla client, but SET frillDensity "value" works fine...Also there is no way to increase grass draw distance only its density, I want to know as well if there is some client modification to allow increasing the grass distance for using on my local copy of the server...