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  1. Apems

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    does anyone know how to bring Vanillaguide back up if you have closed it please?
  2. Apems

    Warlock pet question?

    yeah m8 the imp
  3. Apems

    Warlock pet question?

    last night tried 2 warlocks and the pets wouldnt attack i had to use the spells myself on them
  4. Apems

    Warlock pet question?

    In this early version of wow did the warlocks pets not attack at all and do you have to use the pets attack yourself to actually do any damage?
  5. Apems

    A couple of Quick game setup questions

    ahh got you thanks
  6. Apems

    A couple of Quick game setup questions

    Hmmm can not find realmlist.wtf in my wow files m8?
  7. After downloading the torrent where should it be installed does it need to go in the wow files somewhere or not and do i then launch the game from wow.exe?