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  1. GeneralKappa

    Weapon Choice Dps/Skill

    Speaking about that, from the perspective of warrior in pre raid bis gear, to which 1% crit equal ~23 ap(white damage): Brutality Blade nets around +52,2 AP from stats, which you can translate into overall increase of DPS for autoattacks by 6,1 dps(with dual wield specialization talent). Comparing to the Deathbringer in offhand, which has 4,8 dps more(3 dps after offhand penalty), it seems like Brutality Blade is far superior without even mentioning human racial. Although proc can be evaluated too, and the fact that there's possibility that you'll have enough crit(right to cap) even without stats from Brutality Blade. In the last case scenario it seems like Deathbringer could be used in offhand... if not human racial. Seems like humans loosing too much fun because of their racials. ;)
  2. GeneralKappa

    Weapon Choice Dps/Skill

    I'd say stick to swords. You're not a rogue to benefit from high white damage, since your only ability that uses weapon damage is like whirlwind and overpower(first is shitty and with CD, second isn't reliable as well). The benefits you're getting from +5 wep skill is much greater than 1,2 dps difference between axe and viskag, even from 107 to 112 weapon skill mastery.
  3. GeneralKappa

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Isn't there a hidden(from attack tooltip and theorycraft atleast) 4,4-5% crit which based on the relation between your weapon skill - defense level of target? I'm about: The base chance for your attack to be a critical strike is: 5% - (Defense Skill - Weapon Skill)*0.04% (с) which is not listed anywhere.
  4. GeneralKappa

    The Egregious Guide to Resto Shaman

    Live version? :( UPDATE: Actually found one accidentally. If anyone interested, you can find it here: The Egregious Guide to Resto Shaman[web.archive.org]
  5. GeneralKappa

    rock biter or windfury for solo / pvp

    Just... lol. Rockbiter always doing the same damage, which scales only with your attack speed. Critical hit chance and miss chance are stats that used by any enhancements, so let's skip them. Windfury(the part which gives extra attacks) dependant on the such stats as weapon damage, weapon speed, strength(AP), other buffs(like warriors battle shout, which boosts Attack power etc.); so it's possible that with bad gear Rockbiter weapon would give more dps output, speaking from solo/group pve perspective, where you staying in one place and hitting the target constantly. No point in flametongue if you don't have lots(depends on the level) of +spell power, even if you facing druid/warrior. Since to do the same damage as it would be with rockbiter/windfury, your target needs to have 50% damage reduction from armor or more(with ~equal ranks of enchants), not to mention that flametongue uses spell crit stat instead of physical(the one which you get from enhance tree talent).
  6. GeneralKappa

    Edge master not bis with Maladath as Human?

    I would say they're not BiS either for humans, or anyone else who already reached 305 weapon skill. Overrated/10.
  7. GeneralKappa

    Ele shaman question

    I'm pretty sure no one levels in resto/holy specs. You can easily heal dungeons just by having +int gear in backpack/bank with any spec. I was healing dungeons(starting from BFD, ending by RFD by far) in enhance, and had no problem. And often i was "forced" to dps, because priests wants spot in dungeon too. :) Elemental tree is the other thing, there you just don't need to have back-up gear, and it will be as close to real healer gear as possible(but only untill gear with a lot of +heal appears).
  8. GeneralKappa

    [Addon] NotGrid

    Is there a possibility to include "ClassicMouseover" support? I'm assuming that Clique doesn't goes past basic mouse binds.
  9. GeneralKappa

    2H + WF vs Dagger + Flametogue for leveling?

    I don't really see a point in the [already] classic mistake "1h flametongue". The [additional] damage scales with weapon speed. Between around 1.3 speed for the lowest damage and 4.0 for highest. Even if there is flat damage bonus from +spell power exist, it does not really related to leveling anyway(because you wont get much/dont need much spellpower, unless you're playing as melee elemental shaman), while dps that you can get with other enchants is greater. To gain benefit from using Flametongue enchant your target need to have very large amount of armour damage reduction. For example on lvl 34-36 to get the same dps(AP/14) as using Rockbiter weapon, your target needs to have more than 50% "armor". Windfury a bit more superior than Rockbiter though by raw dps(it dependable on the gear you use, but also getting more benefits from buffs). Also, if you found the high armored enemy(or immune to fire), you might also look on the Frostbrand weapon enchant. It has almost the same dps/dpm as Flametongue, but also has a nice proc effect. I would say it depends on the situation: if you have good 1h+shield or 2-handed weapon(one good item is getting easily than two though), but you should use either rockbiter or windfury enchants, depends on the personal preference - consistency or burst. If you find heavy armored foe - use either flametongue or frostbrand, probably same goes here, consistency vs burst(and debuff).