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  1. у кого то тяжелая форма графомании подкрепленная годами деградации игры в вов
  2. This is not the only aspect you gonna hate about this server. There are tons of non blizzlike changes in the game, exploits and corruption going around that you gonna explore soon. Welcome to Elysium, where 10000 players dont give a f.
  3. creeps1

    Another AV lose fest

    This moment getting reputation as both factions is possible. As horde you sit in q for 30 minutes, then you win 30 minutes backdooring. As alliance you insta q and then lose in 30 minutes. So 2 losses for alliance = 1 win for horde in terms of time. If devs gonna remove horde backdoor possibility the amount of 10 hours turtle games will increas significantly. Because getting through iceblood chokepoint as alliance is much more difficult. Horde can skip 1 tower completely and avoid many npcs, while alliance have to soak up damage of 2 towers and some npcs are impossible to avoid. If you remove horde backdoor alliance wont be able to win anyway because of the iceblood chokepoint, but horde with no backdoor opportunity will turtle the s**t out of every game. And noone of us will get any rep\honor. Yes horde has backdoor, but horde cant win AV in 7 minutes with a premade. Alliance can. So this all is pretty balanced.
  4. creeps1


    как это ни странно, но у меня есть ответ на твой вопрос РУССКИЕ ИДУТ ДОМОЙ https://youtu.be/ZPFVaSjpSu8
  5. If they upgrade the pvp gear, less people will buy the raid drops from raid bosses from GMs to make it drop. People will just pvp. Business is business.
  6. creeps1

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    The people who like to farm pugs to get ranks dont though. I realy hope this change will live on. They dealt with cross faction griefing mafia, now its turn for honor mafia to get dumped. Amen.
  7. creeps1

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    the question is now WHEN its going live on elysium
  8. creeps1

    <Coalition> EU Nostalrius PvP

    ching chong ding dong
  9. A lot of, but they are still the minority. Now they will have to like it or not, but accept it. If new players were not coming from Legion server would be dead long ago. So its them, who's opinion matters.
  10. creeps1


    When they made changes to wsg adding invisible wall into ally fence you all rankers said nothing. Cuz you dont care about anything just getting your shiny epics, gameplay and world integrity means nothing to you. Now, suffer, b**tches.
  11. All wow veterans got bored with vanilla long ago and will quit eventualy. Most of elysium today's pop - ex legion guys. No matter what changes you make to the pvp system, they will play anyway, cuz for them vanilla is still vanila, and they jsut dont know\dont remmebr how it was. So, nothing to complain about.
  12. creeps1


    The premade "elitists" will now have to carry pugs, and face another 3mans, not just farm pugs all the time. The trio of players who will have the best teamwork and carries the pugs better will have the most honor! Great change! I appreciate it! The pvp on horde side has now been realy boring. You wair for 15 minutes in q, face a premade lose. Q again face a premade again, and you can have 5-10 games against the same alliance premade before you actualy face a pug and have competitive game. The change is great! Stop being snobs and farm boringly all day. Time to show your skill, only real skilled and geared players will get high ranks now. I m sure most of the community will like this change too, and more players will pvp from now on. Not only rank gear farmers.
  13. This is so funny lol, like 10 people staying afk at bases and the other 10 afk too. For 30 minutes in 2-3 game. And only 4-5 non chinese players trying to get a little fun fighting each other. This is so sad. But it makes me laugh somehow. It's like an after dinenr hour at home for elderly people. Or like a sleeping hour in Kindergaden. Realy, why bother having fun when you can jsut afk? CHINESE STYLE.