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  1. Hi, I tried make a Ticket for bug report but it is not working. https://imgur.com/a/UCSJOxu This is the picture for explaning easly and this incident happend on secound floor. When you pass or stay on "Green Line", mobs(with "Big Trees") are coming from "Balkony". I think "Big Trees" are wrong replaced or you boosted those "Big Trees" like super man, because they can see me from other side of the wall. Thank You
  2. Parorea

    Dire Maul - West's Trashes

    Hi, Im trying to collect Rogues AQ40 Nature Resist Gears from DM-West. But "Stonebark Gauntlets", this is not dropin like 8-9 days and Trash-Mobs droped other "trash drops" like 20 times. I just want to know, is there any problem about my piece? Cuz i ran west wing enough for gettin this. Wanna belive for an answer. Thank You
  3. Parorea

    Just "Connected"

    I did it. I restrated my PC. AND DONE. 😄
  4. Parorea

    Just "Connected"

    Someone can help me?
  5. Parorea

    Just "Connected"

    Heya guyz, I have a problem about connection. When I try connection to Nightheaven, the screen is stoppin here. Photo