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  1. Hummi

    how do i calculate my +hit needed from gear?

    Yeah, you've got it right in general. Tho I lost track of the weapon skill to hit formula, that is live on the server. So with 305 and 5/5 precision you need 1% hit (maybe 2%, if there was a fix) https://www.reddit.com/r/ElysiumProject/comments/6s4ae8/warning_a_baseless_change_to_hit_formulas_with/
  2. Hummi

    Best offhand weapon

    Same old topic, mate ... Elysium is running a weapskill formula, where u are nearly glance capped at 310. So getting 315 is better, but not worth it. 310: 90% glance dmg 315: 95% glance dmg So on this server for humans: don't take maladath, get brutality or wait for ZG
  3. Hummi

    Seal Fate + Ruthlessness

    The ability creating the combo point is not Evi, but Ruthlessness. And this can not crit. So Seal Fate spec should see 1 CP in 60% of all cases
  4. Hummi

    Best offhand weapon

    For Humans Maladath is not better, since it has basically no good stats. For NE, Gnome or Dwarf Mala is good For Humans Brutality or ZG are better
  5. Hummi

    Best offhand weapon

    At this stage of Vanilla special attacks (SS, BS and so on) deliver a lot of your damage. Therefore you want to have an Offhand, that has good stats, rather than pure weapon DPS. For instance Gutgore Ripper is a terrible offhand. e.g. ZG Sword offhand (few weapons DPS, but 40 AP) e.g. Bonescraper Dagger offhand (few weapons DPS, but 30AP)
  6. Hummi

    Combat dagger rotation

    1. Don't bother Evi ... it will contribute less then 1% to your DMG maximum. Sometimes you won't use it at all 2. Check your talents for Relentless strikes 3. Sword Rogues will be higher on trash, cause of positioning, target switches and so on 4. Ally Human Sword Rogues have 310 expertise. Switch to dagger gives you only 305, if you don't compensate with Gloves/Dagger/Belt 5. On Boss fights you should be competetive to your sword colleagues. Bring consumables, remember that vanish is now a DPS CD as well (Ambush). Combine Thistle tea and Blade Flurry
  7. Hummi

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Haha, sorry I can't. I've updated my DPSmate, because it didn't have the “delay“ function. After the update it doesn't show glance anymore :(
  8. Hummi

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Even if u have 305 skill and therefore difference is 10, this means ur crit is reduced by 0,4%. So not an amount you would change gear for. See my attack table on above. Crit is pretty much like what I see on charscreen. So no hidden figures
  9. Hummi

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    One think to keep in mind regarding gearing is RNG. We have fairly short fights in BWL. If you enter a fight vs Vael with 30% crit from gear+consumables it is possible (not likely) to end up with an average of 35% crit. The longer the fight, the lesser the chance. So if you gear all the way till crit cap, you can't get “crit luck“. You will even end up having less than your crit cap, cause you cut the right side from ur probability table. So I advise to have some excessive Hit (like 2-3%).
  10. Hummi

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    - we are casual raiders in BWL. So world buffs, yes, but no min max - 13% hit (8+5) and 311 expertise on Ebonroc - I ran with DM trinket, so youI see I had still room to run Blackhands Breath. Would have been 2% hit less, 2% crit more. Close to crit cap - don't forget attack table rules. On attack table crit turns a hit into crit. Hit turns a miss into Hit. Cause crit is double and miss is zero, hit and crit are equal stats regarding white hit table. Overall crit is better, cause of Lethality and ofc special attacks - positioning at pull was sloppy, so two block hits, ignore them