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  1. @AkamaiOkole You may need to research a little more to make sure its in the game as well. While the client and talents are patch 1.12.1, we are currently on patch 1.3 quest and skill wise. BTW, Patch 2.0 is TBC so I doubt the trinket is in the game yet.
  2. Shomiehawn

    Multiaccount player report.

    @absolut if you haven't done so already make an in-game ticket with those screen shots. Only a GM in game will investigate multiboxing. They cant do anything forum side.
  3. I lol'd at this hard. While this dude is an idiot for making this shit a problem that should have been yours, you aren't much better man. "Stop trying to get the last word in bruh". Ha. All you did was push him along when you could have just let it be. Just ignore and move on. I can tell that you porb are the one that HAS to have the last word in an agreement and karma works in the way of your also being a better person. I'm sure you will take exception and have a word at me but anyway, thanks again for lulz. I enjoyed it.
  4. Shomiehawn

    Where and how to report cheaters/multiboxers?

    Its pretty ez to tell if someone is multiboxing. Video proof is the best but an adequate amount of pictures will do. Just follow them for a minute and watch what they are doing.
  5. Shomiehawn

    LockBoxes bug.

    @Huntitude ah I see what you mean. I am aware of a bug a little while back were certain lockboxes (I.E. Thorium, Steel) were not actually opening after being lock picked through trade. I thought they fixed it but it may have shown up again. I would report to Github.
  6. Shomiehawn

    LockBoxes bug.

    @Huntitude Have you tried clicking the spell and then clicking the lockbox? A lot of the lockboxes don't open if you just right click them. This is an issue sometimes with footlockers as well. Try actually clicking the spell and then the box with the glowing hand. See if that works.
  7. Shomiehawn

    Rogues Sap bug

    @shakeitbaby As slimane said, in vanilla sap unstealths you. You would need Imp. Sap 3/3 gives you a 90% chance to stay in stealth when sapping.
  8. Have you done Strat Live man? The Scarlet Crusade is currently being controlled by a dreadlord. Stay woke!
  9. Shomiehawn

    Achievement System

    Hmm that is an interesting point you make. I would think that the achievement system would be treated as if its skills and talents being available right when the server starts. But then again, it would be up to the dev team to implement it early since it is indeed introduced later in the expac. Have you opened this topic on the TBC subforum? I would be interested in an official response.
  10. Shomiehawn

    Unlearn master sworsmith

    @Cyrus Here is an official response from Nostalrius forums from a GM. https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=11883 Here is also a link to Battle.net forum from 2010. Scroll down to patch 1.10 and it explains this as well. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/1020823703
  11. Shomiehawn

    Achievement System

    @seeth07 The true gamers will give you a flat out no. While I did enjoy the achievement system there is no way to properly implement it on a vanilla wow server. The launchers are completely different and so is the information gone into every launcher/expac. They would have to attempt to rewrite information and all of that is an unnecessary waste of time. Its better for them to fix, improve, and have functioning vanilla features than break the game trying to add one that came in later expac's.
  12. Shomiehawn

    Unlearn master sworsmith

    @Cyrus I'm pretty sure that in vanilla you have to unlearn the whole profession in order to change specializations. You would have to level from 1 to 300 all over again to change.
  13. Join the Elysium Discord channel to get this info easier. They might also say something on Twitter but usually they inform everyone on Discord when the servers go down.
  14. Shomiehawn

    Server online or offline?

    @Corwin best thing to do is join the Discord channel. They have stated that servers are down for a couple of hours for weekly maintenance.
  15. Shomiehawn

    Right click opens too much

    Do you have the LazyPig addon? It automatically goes to the store screen if so.
  16. Shomiehawn

    Paladin in pvp, no cc = weak?

    In any case man you have to think about how classes do different things. As Kalmar stated you have many skills like zero speed reduction, shields, and heals that give you advantages over other class. not to mention that the spirit of WoW does not have all the best class balancing. Pallys will get owned by skill hunters, rogues by skilled warriors, hunters by skilled rogues, ect. It sounds like you need a little more in-depth study of your class. BTW one speed trinket he speaks of is Nifty Stopwatch. Excellent speed trinket.
  17. This post is garbage. It is easy to obtain 100g by 40 for mount through grinding, selectively skilling up, and using your brain. IDK what you were smoking with those stats but I want some man.
  18. Shomiehawn

    Cant get my patern: robe of winter night

    @Fatherjames Can you confirm that this is in the game yet? There have been a couple bugs with items that were supposed to be introduced in later patches showing up. Did the GM ever confirm if it was I game?
  19. Shomiehawn

    NPC not attacking

    Did he actually get close enough to pull the NPCs? If he's high enough lvl he can kill lowbies while staying outside of the guard's aggro range.
  20. Shomiehawn

    Priest: spirit tap talent

    @Lugh Spirit tap will only trigger if you are the killing blow of the mob. Merely putting a DoT on the mob wont trigger it unless the DoT happens to be the killing blow.
  21. Shomiehawn

    Tame Beast doesn't work with pet in stable?

    Try sitting there and taming the same lower lvl mob over and over until it tames. If this works then you know the spell just has some bad RNG for you. If it doesn't work after about 5 mins of taming the same beast over and over then I would open an in-game ticket and explain to the GM that your spell may be bugged.
  22. Shomiehawn

    Can't aquire Pally quest after failing.

    @cronica24 Make an in-game ticket explaining your situation. They cannot fix anything on the forums.
  23. Shomiehawn


    @Korwinthale You need some type of proof friend. Just saying "He's a bot!" doesn't get anything done. Screen shots and upload to imgur. Make an in-game ticket with those pictures and report to a GM. That's the only way they can really investigate.
  24. Shomiehawn

    items of wrath/healing

    May be a mistake. Report in on Github.
  25. Shomiehawn

    Tame Beast doesn't work with pet in stable?

    @Stabington Tame Beast fails quite often and there is nothing that lets you know that the cast failed. You just have to retry again until it actually tames. I have tamed multiple pets on this server already and almost every time the first one fails and you just have to retry. Try using your Freezing Trap to give you more time without damg. You can still tame a pet while it is frozen inside.