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  1. Asher86

    Lista gilde ita sui server

    non per distruggere gli animi ma e' insito nella community ita di essere molto indipendente e pensare ai cacchi loro. secondo me dovreste prendere sto gioco per il gioco che e' e fottervene se poi ci scappa il raid ita oro colato ma non ci sperate di avere un nucleo solido ita qua.
  2. Asher86

    Post Your UI #3456789

    nice ui. what unit frames are you using?
  3. Asher86

    Grounding totem

    to be sure i stested with a friend of mine in game. yes grounding totem eat pholy. HARMFUL means something is NOT A BUFF: pholy appear in debuff slots so is HARMFUL (thats why is a CC) same like FEAR.
  4. Asher86

    rock biter or windfury for solo / pvp

    windfury is top damage but damage is mitigated by armor so FT is bypassing armor due to being magic damag but a lot lower than WF proc. lorthiras said right: flametongue+1handed if you face warriors or bear druids windfury 2handed vs the rest. i think, but not sure, is 20% inner proc rate with 8 sec interanl cd.
  5. gone in bg... lag.... crash.... relog.... got deseerter... heya!!! well i dont think they can do what you suggest otherwise they would have already done so.
  6. Asher86


    don't feed the flamer please. simple as that. there are already tbc servers. go there and free us thanks.
  7. Asher86


    tbc> go warmane thanks here we are good as we are.
  8. Asher86

    Grounding totem

    you must be in range and see the grounding buff ofc. if you drop totem and run 40 yards away you cannot pretnd it ground pholy. lol
  9. Asher86

    fishing pools

    and concerning fish? how was before fishing schools? i mean for example oily blackmouth fishing?
  10. Asher86

    chat issue

    kk thanks i will open a in game ticket
  11. Asher86

    chat issue

    cannot write in world chat. i loged in asking for group yet cannot write in global nor world chat. not even general chat i can wisper only to ppl...
  12. darrowshir died because the new server hype finished. get over it.
  13. Asher86

    Grounding totem

    yes should defend you from pholymorph
  14. Asher86


    in tbc they improved the calsses, but made game a lot more easy compared to vanilla. many elite quests are now normal ones, hybrid classes became less hybrid and became more specialized, which is anathema to them and dserously... outlands look like crap... jesus hellfire peninsula is dalthonic island...
  15. Asher86

    shaman and mp5 ele/resto pve

    give a look at this video to get a idea :) Shammy ele raiding