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  1. Belter

    Battle for Hilsbrad

    You and your party member need to send an in-game ticket, GMs will be able to help you.
  2. Belter

    A Loyal Player Sincere Request

    He was told no the last time he asked.
  3. Belter

    Account locked

    Ban appeals
  4. Belter

    Closed Account

    Ban appeals
  5. Belter

    Account has been closed???

    Ban appeals
  6. Belter

    Mail Problem

    Devs are already aware of the various bugs with the mail system.
  7. What exactly does it say when you are trying to login?
  8. Belter

    Malwarebytes says RANSOMWARE ?

    If you downloaded the torrent from the Elysium website, then its pretty safe to say its a false positive. I'm running Malwarebytes too and have not had any alerts from this client.
  9. Belter

    Guild invite problem

    Have the person you're trying to invite clear his cache by deleting his WDB folder and exit the game for 10-15 minutes. Whenever someone accepts an invite to join a full guild they are unable to accept guild invites for a while.
  10. Belter

    Guild invite problem

    How many members does your guild have? It could be full.
  11. Make a in-game ticket my dude.
  12. Belter

    Need change my email

    Its not possible to change your email.