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  1. Morest

    Elemental Enhancement hybrid

    I' gonna try a ele/enhance hybrid with full teir 2 FOR PVP ONLY and see how it goes, 2H with windfury and mainly shock spells for damage. Anyone try this yet?
  2. Morest

    Hammer of wrath

    That's amazing
  3. Morest

    Hammer of wrath

    Wow this abiliy looks amazing, but I want to know, how often is it used and what' the pros and cons of it? High mana cost? 20% health range of enemy? I'm new just wonna know how fun this abiliy can be compared to execute
  4. Morest

    Why are Shamans the most overpowered class?

    I can tell ya if your sole purpose of leveling sham is for 2h windfury, warrior is more the flavor you like. Sham is amazing fun i love mine but warrior is what we looking for in the long run
  5. Morest

    Improved Ghost Wolf - not reducing cast time properly

    I live in East coast America And mine is only 1 second, could it be your connection to the server? Alot of times that' the problem
  6. Morest

    Enhance PvP gear

    Awesome thanks dude looks good to have real goals now
  7. Morest

    Enhance PvP gear

    What's some good gear a fresh 60 enhance sham should Get? I was thinking about getting the Black Dragonscale set since it's relatively cheap and gives hit and attack power,. If there' something better hit me up please any info is good :)
  8. Morest

    Advice on Rogue

    From what I know, combat and 20 assassination is they way to go for Pve, and what you got there looks like a awesome PvP spec, I'm going to Try it when i get the chance. Personaly I'm going full sin 20 sub for pvp
  9. Morest

    Dark iron ore

    How effective is it to stealth past monsters and mine the dark iron ore?
  10. Morest

    Ret pvp

    My bad not 31 in ret, I forget the number but ret Without Vengence
  11. Morest

    Ret pvp

    Hey there leveling my ret pally and my sole purpose will be to PvP. My question is, has anyone tried 20/0/31? My plan is the "seal of rightouness" build. Would like some input on that as well as "Reckoning" build with 31 in ret. What is the most effective in SOLO pvp? Thanks in advance for your input. Also I realise seal of command if far superior but I'm shooting for something people won't expect ;)
  12. Morest


    Can someone make me a short list of consumables I'll need at 60 for mana? Like potions flasks and food. I'm not sure how world buffs work, still new :)
  13. Morest

    Mail gear

    Does leatherworking translat3 later to mail gear? If so what' the spec name? Example blacksmiths go to armorsmiths
  14. Morest

    Fury leveling

    Sweet i got whirlwind axe I'm going to respect to fury today and see the difference. Thanks for all the advice. If you got any more input let me know any hints will be appreciated for my noob ass.
  15. Morest

    Fury leveling

    Should I just stick with Arms if 2h is better? And what's the penalty of dual weild I'm new to vannila