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  1. Guardian452

    Character restoration from LH. The guide

    LH was blocking the METHOD of how characters were being transferred. They actually tried to have Shenna agree to a different method so that your account details weren't be transmitted all over the world in plain text, but she didn't want to do that. The whole process could have gone much smoother. Feel free to read the LH forum for their side of the story.
  2. Guardian452

    Character restoration problem!

    Soooo... how did the process actually work for transferring the characters back over? My understanding is that it was a custom WoW client that logged into the account using the user/pass entered into the restoration tool, then it scrapped the info that way in order to restore it. Oh, and user/pass info was sent in plain text. According to the LH forum, they tried to get Shenna to agree to having folks download their data directly from the LH account portal when it goes live soon-ish, but she said no and decided to use this other method instead.
  3. Guardian452

    Character not restored completely!!

    That would be due to the method that was used to "copy" your character from LH. It would have been helpful if someone with knowledge of the process had actually shared HOW it worked, instead of saying just to do it.
  4. LH is actually being pretty damn transparent. Have you read up on their forum about how the account restore tool here works and seen that they've posted the server bills and donation list? I've yet to see any of that come out of the EP staff. Hell, when asked, a GM was totally clueless about how the restore tool worked... and those that do know, have yet to answer any questions about how safe it is to use.
  5. Guardian452

    Status Update: 1st of November!

    Oh... and Shenna lies. LH is not blocking Chinese players... they also offered a solution to restore the character data without using the botnet (or whatever the tool is) without transferring our user/pass info IN PLAIN TEXT (you know, for the safety of your account)... but Shenna didn't want to do that. Feel free to check out the LH forum for yourselves.
  6. Don't forget duki... you're a nobody troll too. We've gone around in this circle for a while now. Now if you can just keep yourself off the LH Discord, all will be well with the world. (also, your typing gets pretty horrible the more you get worked up... it's kinda funny)
  7. Here's the thing. I don't care... I was making a joke about how much of a joke all of this is.
  8. Guardian452

    Status Update: 1st of November!

    How does the transfer tool work? Where does our login info go after it's been entered?
  9. But they promised they wouldn't do it again.
  10. Yes... this, right here. I know I've asked the staff in a couple of threads now about HOW they are getting the info back. The lack of response makes me NOT want to play here. I haven't even used the tool yet because no one can give an answer about where that data is going.
  11. This isn't the thread to ask for that help... this is only a suggestion to use Authy as your 2FA app. If you had done that, you could have restored your backup from the cloud. Make a post in the proper forum area.
  12. But HOW are they getting the character from Light's Hope?
  13. Guardian452

    Third Times the Charm!

    I'm guessing you missed all the drama that happened. They have your character there because some "bad stuff" happened here... the LH crew split from the EP crew, taking the character data with them... now the EP crew is working on getting the servers back up and the data restored.
  14. Is there any way for you to get clarification on how the transfer process works so we can have some piece of mind that our character data is safe? (I'm sure you've seen the various replies on the restoration announcement about how it doesn't work as intended.)
  15. Guardian452

    Elysium server

    How are you guys getting the progressed data from Light's Hope? Was some sort of agreement reached between the two camps? I saw another post saying that there is some sort of botnet involved with getting the info back? Is that true?