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    2H Weapon tier list (Horde)

    Could anyone provide a tier list of the 2h weapons available in MC/BWL. This tier list should be non-biased due to orc race just in terms of raw stats and value of the 2H. Comparing lets say Ashkandi, BRE, Obsidien blades edge, Draconic Maul, Draconic Avenger, Spinal reaper, etc.... Thanks. Currently i own OBE and Draconic Maul and to my understanding as an undead warrior it seems OBE > draconic maul for PVE and Draconic Maul > OBE for PVP? Let me know your thoughts on 2h Tier list. The +8 Sword skill from obe allows hit cap to be 6% instead of 9% so that 3 hit can be replaced by Crit/Str values.